Thursday, December 10, 2009

tavi and rodarte for target

I love this cute video featuring every fashion blogger's 13 year old idol, Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie, and the Mulleavy sisters from Rodarte discussing the much-anticipated Rodarte for Target collaboration. Tavi visits the set of the photo shoot for this special Rodarte capsule collection in the beautiful plains of North Dakota to give us a sneak peek of her favorite pieces.

December 20 is not so far away...

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thread social on gilt groupe

Don't miss the lovely Thread Social on sale at Gilt Groupe tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 9)!

I have loved Thread Social since they first branched out from bridalwear a few years ago and I love any opportunity to snag their dresses at more wallet-friendly prices. The good stuff at Gilt has been flying out the virtual door in seconds lately, so go to the sale as soon as it opens!

The Thread Social sale starts on Gilt Groupe at 9am PST. And you can check out what's left of the Marc by Marc Jacobs sale while you're there!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

sneak peek: rodarte for target look book

I just received the complete Look Book for the Rodarte for Target collection that will be released in stores and online on December 20. I love sisterly design duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy, so I was excited when they were chosen to do this affordable capsule collection.

I'm sharing the entire Look Book with you so you can get the feel for the collection. It is described as "edgy-chic" but it has a distinct feminine goth vibe with black lace and tulle layered over a nude underlayer. My favorite look is the nude lace long cardigan over a lacy dress with a skinny gray leopard belt. Lace tights and tiny motorcycle gloves are two of my favorite trends for winter, so these dresses and cardies will be perfect for the season!


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

designer shoes on sale at net-a-porter

Would you like to drool over some gorgeous designer shoes?

Designer online retailer Net-A-Porter has marked down most of their Fall shoes to 50% off. Don't get too excited...the Christian Louboutin ankle booties are still almost $800 and most other prices are similar. But for some reason it sounds like a good deal when this pair of beautifulness used to be $1295....right?

Similar to my obsession for my rocker booties this summer, I love all of the innovative ankle and short booties this Fall with foldovers, cutouts, open toes, and straps. Take a little walk through my favorite designer picks from the season that are now the slightest bit more affordable...

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

jack purcell sequins

Converse Jack Purcells have been my favorite weekend sneakers for many many years. I strongly prefer the Jack Purcells to the All-Stars (I hate how flat they are...they make feet look one size bigger), so I'm excited that Converse has started to expand on this alternative classic style.

I just discovered Jack Purcell Sequins! I love wearing heels when I go out at night, but there have definitely been many occasions when I have wanted to find an outfit that allowed me to wear my super comfy and beat-up Jack Purcells. These amazing sequins sneakers would go perfectly with dark skinny jeans, a sexy silk tunic, and a cropped leather jacket. A style tip for using sequins...definitely don't wear more than once piece with sparkle on it!

The Jack Purcell Sequins come in white, athletic navy, black, and silver at for $90. Converse is running a special promotion until November 30 that offers 20% off.

I love the optional matching ribbon shoelaces!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

coach supports bloggers & a giveaway

I am constantly interested in the way that the
impact of blogs grows in the fashion world.

continuous theme throughout my observations about blogging and fashion is studying the way that bloggers have changed the way that the general fashion-loving public has access to high fashion. Fashion bloggers are being recognized as cyber-stylists who make picks and critique designs just like the highest paid editors and fashion industry leaders do.

Coach is featuring a project on their website called Blog-A-Day where they feature a different fashion and style blog each day. Blogs appreciate being recognized by designers and designers are starting to appreciate being recognized by blogs!

Shopaholics Daily, which is run by my blogger friends Aly and Kori, has been selected to be featured in Coach's Blog-A-Day and in conjunction is hosting a Giveaway for a free Coach Audrey bag in purple (valued at $598).

Visit Shopaholics Daily to find out how to enter...

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

nyc boutique shopping guides

Shopping in New York City can be overwhelming if you are visiting OR if you live there and have no idea how to start sifting through the amazing amounts of retail everywhere.

Everyone knows about the huge discount retailers (H&M, Century 21, Filene's Basement) and famous department stores (Barney's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel's) but my favorites have always been the boutiques. Most NY boutiques are fairly expensive, but it's so fun to fall in love with your favorite one and invest in unique pieces from up-and-coming designers.

Refinery29 has been publishing a series about "The Best NYC Boutiques" that I have to share with you! I've been wanting to do my own version for SoHo and Brooklyn, so maybe this will inspire to me to finally get around to that...although it will be much harder from the West Coast...

NY Shopping Guide Series:

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Monday, November 23, 2009

dolce vita sale

When I find a shoe designer that I love and can afford, I really get stuck on them! (Have you seen my five million Melissa posts?)

Right now I seem to have a shoe crush on Dolce Vita. The best news ever is that Dolce Vita is having a Friends and Family sale online until Tuesday, Nov. 24. Enter the coupon code "friendsfam" at checkout to receive 25% off of your entire order.

That only gives you two days to pick out your favorite rocker booties!
If you're not in to the leather and studs that are everywhere this season, you probably should just skip this one...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

knits with a little bit of sequins

{trina turk micah sweater at Revolve Clothing}

Winter sequins is my favorite look for the holidays!

Sequins used to always be associated with formal occasions, but now I love all of the styles that mix dressy with casual. You can choose all-over sequins like a flashy mini, but my favorites are the pieces that just have an accent of shimmer on a shoulder or a hemline of a soft sweater. I like the contrast in textures of the soft knit and the hard metallic sequins.

{MK2K sequin jersey at Revolve Clothing}

A black sweater with silver sequins can be worn with ripped skinny jeans and Jack Purcells for a casual look or with a satin pencil skirt, opaque tights, and platform heels for a dressy look.

And does anyone else love seeing Fo from America's Next Top Model in the Revolve clothing ads?

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customer service in an internet world

{Image: slashgear}

I just read an interesting article about Apple's success in customer service and retail experience. I don't understand why everyone hasn't adopted the customer service business model...shouldn't providing a positive customer experience be a priority for all businesses, whether they be restaurants, pharmacies, boutiques, electronics stores, or any other sort of retail establishment?

Apple is no longer the Nordstrom Tech, they're the New Nordstrom

We live in an internet world, so I do think that Nordstrom needs to update their customer service model to include more web-related interfaces. Not everyone wants to deal with a human face-to-face when they are shopping, but they still want a happy and pleasing experience.

Let's figure out how to do that...

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

is architecture turning around soon?

I just read an article in the LA Times that gave me a tiny glimmer of hope that perhaps the world will need architects again sometime soon...

LA Times: Architects get more contracts in October

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

need advice for picking men's shoes

Q: I am looking for men's shoes options that are somewhere between Chuck Taylors and dress shoes to wear everyday to a business-casual office. I want to be able to wear them with slacks and a shirt not tucked in. Do you have any ideas?

HK: Yes! I am so excited to receive a men's fashion question!

This situation is very common and I know that lots of men only have athletic shoes or dress shoes in their closet. It's important to have something in-between that you can wear out to dinner or to a semi-casual office setting. You can dress them up with khakis or dress them down with jeans.

I suggest finding a pair of casual brown leather slip-ons or lace-ups with rubber soles. These casual leather shoes are a cross between athletic shoes and business shoes because the leather gives them a dressier look and the supportive structure gives them an athletic feel. These types of shoes are extremely comfortable for everyday use and look much better with wool or cotton pants than sneakers.

Good brands to check out for options are Merrell and Cole Haan, but there are a ton of options out there that are similar. Lots of hiking and athletic shoe brands are making these styles now to offer men more options between suits and jeans.
{Born Peter Penny Loafer}

A soft-soled penny loafer or driver might also be a good option.

{Merrell Sterling}

These two-tone leather and suede lace-ups have amazing support, but also can also be worn with dressier styles.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

subscribe to hello kelli

I just added a new feature to Hello Kelli!

Now you can sign up for a newsletter that will email you with my new posts when they are published. For those of you who don't like visiting websites all the time to see if they have been updated, this will make it a lot easier for you.

I post new articles only a few times a week, so you definitely won't get a flooded inbox...but if I have something exciting to share with you (like an amazing flash sale that is about to end!) then you will hear about it right away!

To sign up for the Hello Kelli updates, enter your email address to the right in the "Subscribe for Updates" box and press "subscribe." Make sure to add to your Contacts so your newsletter doesn't get sent to your Spam folder!

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jimmy choo and h&m launch

So far all of you ladies (myself included) who weren't able to make it to the Jimmy Choo for H&M launch in 200 stores nationwide today, my friend Julia at Fashion Pulse Daily has a full and complete report to share with you. She addresses the predictable mayhem at the midtown Manhattan store and her tips for creating a more successful collection in the future. Thanks Julia!

Jimmy Choo for H&M - Was it Worth the Wait?

I also heard from a shoe-obsessed friend in Seattle that Jimmy Choo didn't make it to the Pacific Northwest...was anyone else waiting for this day only to find that the collection was unavailable in their area of the world? If only they had H&M online...

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

dv by dolce vita sale finds

I just got the cutest DV by Dolce Vita shoes at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale!

Black suede open-toe cage booties for only $65.90...what an exciting find! They also come in gray suede, which would look great with black opaque tights. I can't wait to wear them out! They're kind of like a toned-down version of the open-toe platform booties that Carrie Underwood wore on Good Morning America yesterday...

{dv by dolce vita wendall boot $109.90 reg. $169.95}

I tried these on and they are also really cute, but I already have enough black boots. They're super soft leather and pull-on, so they would be perfect with skinny jeans or leggings. I would definitely wear them with denim leggings!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

nordstrom half-yearly starts today

I've been a big fan of Nordstrom sales ever since I was a little girl. It's probably part of being from the Pacific Northwest since Nordie's is such an integrated part of the culture up there, but I always mark my calendar for the first day of their famous Anniversary and Half-Yearly sales. Even with all of the shopping in New York, I actually missed Nordstrom when I was living there because they are so consistent and have great customer service (which you definitely won't find in Manhattan.) The sales are the best!

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for women and children starts today at Nordstrom stores and online. Pre-Fall merchandise in all departments (Savvy and t.b.d. are my favorite!) is on sale for about 33%-40% off.

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discount skin care website: the skinny

A new flash sale website for luxury skin care products launches today. It's basically Gilt Groupe for skin care. Here is my invitation to become a member:

The Skinny

Hopefully they get all of my favorite products so I can save some money on my daily skin care routine.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

lna sale on ideeli

My absolute favorite t-shirt designer LnA will be featured on flash sale website ideeli on Friday, November 6 at noon (I think that is East coast time...not 100% positive on that).

I usually stock up on LnA basics whenever I can find them in my size on sale. They always have a fairly decent selection on, but I'm excited to see what kind of prices they have on ideeli...I'm hoping for 40% off??

Everyone has their favorite t-shirt brand, and LnA is definitely mine! My favorites are the deep v short sleeve and long sleeve tees, which I collect in all of the various colors. I just love the super soft thin fabric in simple styles that are great for layering. I discovered LnA two years ago when they came out with their first collection and were fiarly difficult to track down...but now I am happy to see them popping up everywhere!

This year they have added to their collection with fabulous zippered leggings (that I have gushed about before...), riding pants, cozy fleece hoodies, and a t-shirt dress.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

velvet for fall

The only trend that I picked on my new trends for fall and winter fashion 2009 that I was a little unsure about was velvet. I actually had some readers of my blog say "Velvet!? That is so random! Why would you think that!?"

But what have we here? Who What Wear Daily is reporting that stars and models are wearing soft luxurious velvet! The trick with velvet is not to go overboard...we're not talking about floor-length long-sleeve goth dresses, we're talking about a richly colored textured fabric that can be layered with leather and satin or worn as a separate for a romantic and dressy look. While the rest of the looks this season are slouchy and boyfriend-inspired, velvet looks are fitted,voluminous, and feminine.

My favorite aspect of velvet is the richness of the pick deep purples, forest greens, and royal blues. I would love a shrunken 3/4 sleeve blazer or rich black leggings in velvet. I will report back when I find some great picks!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

i need a leather jacket

I never really thought of myself as the leather jacket type...but I changed my mind...I definitely am! I was never interested in the traditional long heavy straight-cut leather jackets, but I love the new unique styles that fit a younger look.

Leather jackets are everywhere this season and I am loving all of the options: 3/4 sleeves, big collars, asymmetrical zippers, embroidered patterns, zip cuffs, metal grommets, unique colors like gray and red, collarless, open front, everything you can imagine! Leather pieces are such an investment that you really need to try on as many as you can to find the style that fits your wardrobe and your body best.

Right now I have a gray stand-up collar faux leather that is cropped with elbow-length sleeves, but I am thinking that it is getting a little bit impractical as the weather cools down. I need to find a new one...

British motorcycle jacket designer Belstaff has created an exclusive collection with J.Crew this Fall. I have my eye on the short women's leather bomber (pictured above). This is such a great cut for younger women with the waist-length and snug shoulders. Love it.

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denim leggings

I think some people refer to these as "jeggings" (like jeans + leggings)...but I used that term yesterday and was laughed at. So I will just call them denim leggings. Even though "jeggings" still sounds kind of cute...

I have been a little indecisive about my take on denim leggings, but I finally got a pair and I have to admit that I love them. I am so tired of the plain black leggings that I have been accumulating in every variation imaginable, so the denim is a fun new development. I love super skinny denim, so why not just wear denim leggings instead? They serve a similar purpose and they are a million times more comfortable. They go with everything and the best part is that I can wear them with oversized black sweaters and not feel like I'm dressed in black from head to toe.

I have the
Hue Denim Leggings in Navy for $28. If you want to find your own, I recommend ankle length and matte finish with a thick fabric.

And remember my number one rule for wearing leggings: always wear a top that covers your backside!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

melissa on sale on ideeli

If you still haven't gotten yourself a pair of Melissa environmentally-friendly and comfortable shoes, check out the flash sale on Ideeli that starts Tuesday, October 7 (tomorrow) at 11am. Usually the shoes sell out really quickly, so I would order them as soon as possible!

Oh I hope they have some of those high-heeled 3-strap platform Mary Janes that I've been eyeing since the summer...

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pendleton meets opening ceremony

Since I'm from Oregon, every winter I've added a thick woolen Pendleton blanket with bright native-american patterns to my bed. My favorite one is neon pink with a geometric pattern in saturated purple, black, yellow, and blue. The heavy blankets are amazingly warm and my family has an entire collection of them.

This Fall Pendleton is celebrating their 100th year with the collaboration Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony. As someone who grew up with the Pendleton brand, it's exciting to see that they have expanded into the fashion world. I'm happy that they chose international fashion forward boutique Opening Ceremony to design and sell this collection. The coats, pants, shirts, skirts, and even a onesie use the traditional recognizable Pendleton fabric in modern Opening Ceremony style designs. I love the saturated color and the distinct Pacific Northwest vibe in the Pendleton clothing. You can shop the collection online at the Opening Ceremony website.

For those of you who aren't too excited about the vibrant colors and patterns, Pendleton also has clothing made from their Pacific Northwest looms in many other traditional styles online.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

jimmy choo and h&m save the date


Mark your calendars!

The Jimmy Choo and H&M designer collaboration collection that includes men's and women's clothes, shoes, and accessories will be hitting stores on November 14. I am way behind on my news it seems because it seems that the date was set awhile ago...that's what happens when you leave NY!

Check out a slideshow of the collection from NY Magazine. The collaboration has lots of metal studs, black leather, rhinestones, suede, and zebra print. If you are looking for an outfit to wear for a night out, this is definitely going to be an easy way to put together a complete ensemble from head to toe. My favorite pieces are definitely the shoes, with fun thick embellished ankle-strap sandals. The prices are unfortunately much higher than I am used to at H&M: strappy sandals $129, zebra print clutch for $129, open-toe suede ankle booties $149.

Regardless, I'm sure everything will sell out in the first couple see you at H&M on November 14.

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alexander mcqueen & puma

While I'm on the topic of Alexander McQueen as an artist, I just watched a short film for the collection of men's and women's athletic clothing and shoes for Puma...amazing! It was created by movie director Saam Farahmond and is called Ghost. You can watch the video and see the collection online.

{women's nylon bomber}

{SS griffin print}

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