Sunday, November 29, 2009

jack purcell sequins

Converse Jack Purcells have been my favorite weekend sneakers for many many years. I strongly prefer the Jack Purcells to the All-Stars (I hate how flat they are...they make feet look one size bigger), so I'm excited that Converse has started to expand on this alternative classic style.

I just discovered Jack Purcell Sequins! I love wearing heels when I go out at night, but there have definitely been many occasions when I have wanted to find an outfit that allowed me to wear my super comfy and beat-up Jack Purcells. These amazing sequins sneakers would go perfectly with dark skinny jeans, a sexy silk tunic, and a cropped leather jacket. A style tip for using sequins...definitely don't wear more than once piece with sparkle on it!

The Jack Purcell Sequins come in white, athletic navy, black, and silver at for $90. Converse is running a special promotion until November 30 that offers 20% off.

I love the optional matching ribbon shoelaces!

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