Sunday, October 18, 2009

alexander mcqueen is an artist

If you have ever doubted that fashion is an art form, please take a moment to watch the most recent Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show online.

McQueen's shows are always masterpieces that combine many different elements to convey his concept for his collection. He uses video, music, the runway, makeup, hair, shoes, models, and accessories in a unique and creative way to support the ideas behind his pieces.

McQueen's most recent runway show at NY Fashion Week was streamed live on the internet in an attempt to break some of the barriers between the exclusivity of being "inside the tents" and the general fashion-loving population. I am always supporting ideas that give more interested individuals access to high fashion. It seems to me that the idea of fashion as a respected form of artistic expression has been overpowered by the idea of fashion as just wearable clothes and over-consumption. Fashion is not just about women who are addicted to spending tons of money to stuff their overflowing closets with more merchandise. Fashion is about personal and creative expression. I am always striving to spread more awareness about the importance of fashion as an art form.

True fashion designers are artists who use their creativity to develop concepts and abstract ideas that don't relate directly to the clothes that we wear on our bodies everyday. Designers and retailers are inspired by these collections and runway displays to eventually create pieces that can be worn by the general public. It may seem a long stretch between the drama and high fashion of an Alexander McQueen runway show and a simple outfit that you purchase at a mainstream retailer, but it is all part of the world of fashion.

And I love it!

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