Thursday, May 28, 2009

frank lloyd wright in legos and exhibit

As I am preparing to go to the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the New York Guggenheim "From Within Outward", I also get the exciting news that Lego is creating a new Architecture collection that begins with a Frank Lloyd Wright series. FLW is not my favorite architect of all time, but the idea of creating Falling Water and the Guggenheim with Legos is pretty ridiculous. It doesn't look like the FLW series is available to purchase online yet, but the Lego Guggenheim is available for $40 at the Guggenheim Museum Store.

Also in the Architecture collection is a Landmark series, which includes Lego sets for the Sears Tower, John Hancock Center, Empire State Building, and Seattle Space Needle. The rumor is that they will be releasing more collections by other architects later on...I can't wait to see who they pick next! I would love to see someone try to make a Frank Gehry building out of Legos.

The exhibit "Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward" opened recently and is on view until August 23. It celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the completion of the Guggenheim as his last building, and features 64 of his projects. I'll be checking out the exhibit tomorrow so I will report back, but I'm pretty sure that it will be fantastic.

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affordable shopping in new york: uniqlo

I spent the day in Soho yesterday checking out the selection at all of my favorite affordable retailers on Broadway between Houston and Canal. If you walk south on Broadway you can hit Zara, Forever21, H&M (two locations), Uniqlo, Topshop, and many tiny boutiques with super cheap discounted clothing. I love to check out the vast amount of stock (multiple floors in most of them) to see what general trends are and find the one with the best selection. On this trip I found the best items at Uniqlo!

The Designers Invitation Project featured women's designer right now is American pair Shipley & Halmos. A lot of times these designer collections are overhyped, but this time I really loved it! I also was really excited to see that they had a ton of sizes and selection for the entire collection, even though it was released probably about a month ago. I hate it when designer collaborations (yes I'm talking to you Alexander McQueen for Target!) sell out in the first 10 minutes of the store's first day opening.

Uniqlo had really great long shawl collar open cardigans, racerback tank dresses, slouchy vests, graphic tees, and colorful skinny jeans.

Unfortunately Uniqlo still doesn't have a US store online, but here are some of my picks if you can make it to Soho, UK, France, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, or Singapore to theck them out...

Shipley & Halmos Waist Sache Dress
Usually I don't like dresses that come with matching belts because they are hard to fit, but this dress is really beautiful on. It has a flattering oversized draped feeling to the top that pairs great with the cinched waist and simple bottom. It has comes with a matching V-neck slip dress to wear underneath.

Shipley & Halmos Jumpsuit
We all know how I love a good onesie...this one is pretty great.

Long Vest
This style is so popular right now, so I was excited to find one at a super affordable price and in lots of color options. It is great for layering and pairing with a simple tshirt and leggings.

Linen Cotton 3/4 Stole Cardigan
They have a lot of these cardigans in the soft linen cotten blend with different sleeve lengths and colors. The material is breezy and great for the summer. I got a sleeveless variation in a gorgeous deep purple.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the real headbands from gossip girl

I am not embarrassed to admit that currently my favorite show happens to be Gossip Girl. I could say that I just watch it for the fashion, but that isn't even close to being true...but I do absolutely adore the fashion on the show! If you are also a follower of the show, then you will recognize the Jennifer Behr Vintage Gold Knot Headwrap as the headband that Blair wore in the glorious final scene in the Season Finale (if you haven't seen it yet, I will say no more).

I wanted to share a recent article that I wrote about hair accessories designer Jennifer Behr who creates the beautiful and unique pieces that you see Blair wearing on the show. I am a religious enough follower that I actually recognize all of the pieces out from her collection that have been featured on the show:
Where to Find Gossip Girl Headbands.

Now we will have to wait patiently until next season to find out how Blair's fashion and hair accessories choices evolve as an NYU student...

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

united nude elastic bootie

United Nude Fold Elastic Bootie $185

One of my favorite Brooklyn boutiques, Epaulet, is now carrying the United Nude Elastic Bootie in two brightly colored striped variations. I stopped by the store immediately after I found out about them to try them on and they are amazing!

United Nude is a footwear line started by a team of two design superstars: Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and British shoemaker Galahad Clark (founder of Clark's shoes). Together they create unique and fashion-forward shoes that examine the intersection between fashion and design. It is easy to see Rem's architectural influence in the shoe styles with highly conceptual designs, inventive heels, and materials not usually used for footwear (PVC, elastic, hard modeled carbon fiber).

The Fold Elastic Bootie is formed from a single elastic band that wraps around the foot. The vibrant striping on the elastic seems a little outrageous, but it actually looks fabulous on! The elastic creates a snug and comfortable fit. These shoes definitely make a bold and fashionable statement!

Fold Elastic Bootie Bright Mix is available at Epaulet for $185. These shoes are nearly impossible to find in the U.S. so I was so excited to see that Epaulet is carrying them and has a lot in stock!

Here are some other unique United Nude designs:

Eamz Pump in White Perf Patent Leather $275

United Nude Women's Mobius Hi

United Nude Women's Mono Jane Wedge

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update on brooklyn industries sale

Cinch Convertible $24 (reg. $88)

I reported a couple weeks ago about an amazing sale on handbags at Brooklyn Industries in Portland. Now the bags are also available for sale online! They are unique and adorable bags at ridiculous prices...I highly recommend checking them out...I already have two... Cinch Oversized Clutch $19 (reg. $58) Small Wythe Mailbag $29 (reg. $48) Wythe Tote Bag $29 (reg. $48)

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buon giorno

I am just returning from the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean, so I will be back to posting very soon! Ciao!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

thread social sale in ny

I love love love Thread Social and will sadly be missing their sale that starts tomorrow. I did a post about my infatuation with them maybe a month ago. Their clothes are just gorgeous and unique...will someone go to the sale and let me know how it is???

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

an easier way to look for sale items...

I recently discovered a new website called ShopItToMe that is very's one of those ideas that I really wish that I had thought of first!

The way
ShopItToMe works is this:

  • You sign up for an account and then pick all of your sizes (for bras, Tshirts, pants, everything) and favorite brands and stores. They have a really great selection of brands, so I was actually able to pick almost all of the websites for stores that I regularly frequent (Banana Republic, Shopbop, Nordstrom, Bluefly).
  • After you have registered all of your favorites, ShopItToMe scours tons of websites to search for sales on any of your favorite items and puts them together in an email called a Salemail that you receive weekly (or more often depending on your preference). Instead of searching all of the websites everyday, which is what I usually do, this website does the work for you!
  • The Salemail shows pictures, prices, and links for all of the sale items and you can just scan through them quickly to see if there's anything you like.
I am really wary about signing up for regular emails because I don't want to flood my Inbox, but this website seems to be really great about allowing you to control and customize everything. You can even decide how deep of a discount you want to see on your favorites (ex: 75% off only), so choosing a high percentage will greatly decrease the amount of items in your Salemail.

I'm a new ShopItToMe user, but in my last email I found a yellow Cole Haan clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel, and a Theory tank that were super on sale that I really wanted!
Let me know what you think!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

vacation in italia

I will be traveling in Italy for the next two weeks so there will be no blog updates until I return. I will be taking my first trip to the Amalfi coast (second trip to Italy!) to stay in a gorgeous villa in Sorrento. I predict lots of eating delicious food, watercolor painting, relaxing in the sun, drinking limoncello, and soaking in Italian culture.

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portland, oregon sale alert

There is a ridiculous sale on handbags at Brooklyn Industries on NW 23rd St. I went on Sunday and got two handbags: one purple fold-over convertible satchel for $16.80 (reg. $88) and one black cross-body medium small messenger in black for $20.30 (reg. $68). I could have gotten a ton more because they were all very cute and very cheap.

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cassius eyewear appreciates architects

Corbu Rouge Frame $160

As an architect I am always excited when designers show an appreciation for architecture. I just discovered a new line of sunglasses by New Zealand brand Cassius Eyewear and each design is named after an architect! I love that he mixes commonly recognized architects like Corbu, Gehry, and Neimeyer with less mainstream wonders like Pawson and Polshek. Check out the entire line at Moxsie here.

Jason Ng started Cassius in 2008 with simplicity and a reference to the '60s and '70s in mind. Each piece is handcrafted and only 300 of each style are produced.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

spring cleaning fashion tips: women

I've gotten a lot of responses from guy friends and readers' boyfriends about my spring cleaning fashion tips: men post. The bad news is that most guys violate lots of those rules, but the good news is that most girls completely agree with me! So if you agree with my tips, please pass along the post to your's probably better for me to break the news to them about their lack of style than you!

Here is the counterpart for women...again, I will focus on casual wear and again, I am inspired by unfortunate people watching airport experiences:

  • DON'T wear pajama pants in public (even if you're flying a red eye!)
  • DO wear yoga pants
  • DON'T worry about mixing black, brown, navy
  • DO mix it up with pants, tights, shoes whatever...just make sure it looks good!
  • DON'T worry about the white after Easter rule
  • DO wear white whenever it seems appropriate...if you live in a warm climate, I would wear it year-round
  • DON'T wear short shirts (above the belt)
  • DO wear long shirts (covering the pockets)
  • DON'T show skin on the top and the bottom
  • DO wear sleeves with shorts or a mini skirt, or pants or capris with a tank top
  • DON'T wear a short shirt with leggings
  • DO wear a tunic-style shirt with matter how skinny you are, no one wants to see your backside in leggings!
  • DON'T mix seasons (put away your wool and boots in April)
  • DO switch out your wardrobes when the seasons change
  • DON'T be afraid to try new can pull it off!
  • DO buy extremely trendy "disposable fashion" pieces at super discount retailers like Forever21, Zara, H&M
  • DON'T be afraid to stop someone on the street and ask them about their outfit if you like it
  • DO learn about new stores and brands by talking to strangers!
  • DON'T show tons of cleavage
  • DO (if you want to show skin) show tons of leg
  • DON'T wear flared jeans
  • DO wear straight leg or skinny jeans
  • DON'T do too much shopping online
  • DO get out to stores and try things on before you's good to know what size you wear at different stores before you start buying online
  • DON'T be matchy-matchy
  • DO mix fabrics, patterns, colors, styles
  • DON'T get too tan
  • DO protect your skin from sun damage...pale is in! (think ScarJo)
  • DON'T forget to accessorize
  • DO match simple outfits with new's a good way to change up the same old outfits without spending a lot
  • DON'T wear Uggs or Crocs as regular shoes
  • DO wear Uggs or Crocs only for practical purposes (i.e. snow and rain)!
  • DON'T wear clothes that are too big or too small, too baggy or too tight, too long or too short
  • DO spend time trying on different brands and sizes to get clothes that fit!!
The last tip is the one I am really serious really makes a huge difference in your appearance if you just take the time to find clothes that fit your body really well. Everyone' s body is different and every brand is designed for different body types, so get out there and try tons of things on until you find what fits you! I promise it will be worth it.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

more on the playsuit/onesie/romper trend

Silence & Noise Ruffle Front Onesie in Champagne $68.00

I just can't get enough of the onesie/romper trend this summer...I have seen it called a "playsuit" on a lot of websites so I think I will start using that nomenclature. It sounds very cute! I remember way back in January I was searching at every store in Soho for one of these adorable onepieces and could barely find any, but now I am happy to report that they are popping up in display windows everywhere!

For all of you who hated this trend when it first came out, what are you thinking now?

Here are some great picks of affordable options from Urban Outfitters in strapless and fun floral patterns:

Ecote Floral Printed Halter Onesie $58.00

Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet Denim Romper $78.00

Ecote Strapless Smocked Onesie in Woodsmoke Floral $58.00

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

met's costume institute best dressed

Jessica Biel in Versace Atelier and Justin Timberlake in bespoke William Rast. The most gorgeous couple around...and Justin looks pretty cute in those glasses!

Every year the stars show up in their very best for the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala. This year's theme was "Model as Muse," so designers were spotted escorting their favorite looks on their favorite models down the red carpet. I love this event because it's a chance to really push your personal style and wear something that is just a little more haute couture than maybe you are used to...

Here are my picks for best looks of the evening:

Claire Danes in Armani Prive and Hugh Dancy in custom Burberry. I love the beige draping with the sparkle.

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton. Most people probably hate this look, but I love that she went completely over the top and somehow she just pulled it off. Confidence! Or maybe I just like Gossip Girl too much.

Ashley Olsen in The Row and Justin Bartha in Tom Ford. A gorgeous and sophisticated dress of her own design! Her sleek bob looks great too.

Emma Hemming in Donna Karan and Bruce Willis. I think we're supposed to hate this woman because she's a homewrecker, but they look pretty stunning together.

Proenza Schouler's Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough with model Raquel Zimmerman in their design. I love the tough vibe of the look and the vivid purple.

(Images courtesy of

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the gap is making a comeback with designer collections

I am so excited about the Gap collaborations with Alexander Wang and Vena Cava that are set to come out on June 16! I love the re-invention of khaki and I am hoping that I can snag at least two of these pieces before they are gone...and I hope that they keep them at affordable prices!

Here are the images from Racked:

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manhattan beach - affordable boutique shopping in l.a.

I am probably biased because I stayed in Manhattan Beach and could conveniently walk down Manhattan Beach Boulevard to all of the cute little restaurants and boutiques, but I have to put forth a strong argument for the superiority of this shopping area over many others in Los Angeles.

Everyone knows that LA has great shopping, but I am completely unenthusiastic about chain stores at The Grove or the high-end designer retailers (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.) that I could find at any fancy airport these days. What I am really looking for when I do travel shopping is a small scale area with affordable boutiques that offer a taste of the region's sense of fashion. I want to be able to walk from store to store and experience the local environment, rather than drag myself through windowless and location-generic malls.

In just a few blocks along Manhattan Beach Boulevard, between N Valley Drive and the ocean I was able to find small boutiques with a regional style and affordable prices. I would actually call this area "cute", which is pretty hard to find in the LA area. So if you are travelling to LA and looking for a fun place to shop, I definitely recommend it. Here is a selection of my favorite
spots...unfortunately most of them are too small to have websites, but I listed their phonenumbers:

  • Mandarine - (310) 379-9955. I got this tunic length orange and green plaid button-up for only $37 and last time I picked up a cropped 3/4 sleeve faux leather jacket for about $60. Everything is very trendy and affordable.
  • Katwalk - (310) 546-8710. There are two across the street from each other on Manhattan Beach Blvd, so try both because they have a different selection. Not as cheap as Mandarine, but very affordable compared to other shopping in LA.
  • 3rd Gallery - (310) 376-4735. Not cheap, but gorgeous designer and one-of-a-kind dresses and jewelry that are fun to check out. Try the sale rack...
  • Kitten - (310) 546-8710
  • envie - (310) 796-5553
And when you're done shopping, make sure to get a spicy fish taco at my favorite San Diego taco spot, Wahoo's Fish Tacos!!

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