Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i can't get enough of melissa shoes

Here I am again professing my love for the fun, comfortable, and unique collection of Melissa Plastic Dreams footwear. I spent a good amount of time at Epaulet with wonderful owner Adele last week in Brooklyn while I tried on every style available...and I am here to give a full report!

I posted a while back when I first discovered the amazingly complete collection of Melissa Plastic Dreams shoes at Epaulet. Now I have been there multiple times and actually own a few pairs of Melissa shoes so I can tell you more about them.

Melissa shoes are made in Brazil from recycled plastic. They are molded from one soft piece, so they are extremely comfortable with no hard edges to cause rubbing. I wear them all day and they stay comfortable! Some people worry about foot odor with plastic shoes, but they actually have a sweet fruity smell and are extremely easy to wash with soap and water. I am completely obsessed with these shoes and want to own every pair!!

I will keep you udpated with new styles as they come out, but here are my current picks:

Melissa Campana Corallo in Coral $79
Got these! I love wearing these for a pop of color with simple jeans and tank. The shoes are asymmetrical so the left is different from the right. I also loved them in Silver.

Melissa Night III in Black $79
These are the most basic Melissa shoes. I mentioned them in my original post but I get tons of comments on them everytime I wear them, so I thought I would mention them again. They look great on (see picture above), they are waterproof, comfortable, affordable, and they can pass as patent leather so you can even wear them to work...I guess I don't understand why everyone doesn't get a pair of these!

Melissa Vinyl Heel in Pale Gray $99
Got these too! They look absolutely amazing on with the solid one piece wedge heel (see picture above). The pale gray is a unique and fun color for summer. Love them!

Alexandre Herchcovitch Scarfun Wedge in Navy Pearl $99
The most comfortable ankle strap 3.5" wedge heel that you will ever wear.

You will be hearing a lot about Melissa shoes and Epaulet from me over the next months...

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Kim said...

For some reason, I thought I didn't like Melissa shoes. But these are sooo adorable. Especially those wedges!

hello.kelli said...

Yes I think it takes awhile for them to grow on you. And I definitely didn't think I liked the wedges until I tried them on! Sooo cute!