Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pendleton meets opening ceremony

Since I'm from Oregon, every winter I've added a thick woolen Pendleton blanket with bright native-american patterns to my bed. My favorite one is neon pink with a geometric pattern in saturated purple, black, yellow, and blue. The heavy blankets are amazingly warm and my family has an entire collection of them.

This Fall Pendleton is celebrating their 100th year with the collaboration Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony. As someone who grew up with the Pendleton brand, it's exciting to see that they have expanded into the fashion world. I'm happy that they chose international fashion forward boutique Opening Ceremony to design and sell this collection. The coats, pants, shirts, skirts, and even a onesie use the traditional recognizable Pendleton fabric in modern Opening Ceremony style designs. I love the saturated color and the distinct Pacific Northwest vibe in the Pendleton clothing. You can shop the collection online at the Opening Ceremony website.

For those of you who aren't too excited about the vibrant colors and patterns, Pendleton also has clothing made from their Pacific Northwest looms in many other traditional styles online.

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