Tuesday, November 17, 2009

need advice for picking men's shoes

Q: I am looking for men's shoes options that are somewhere between Chuck Taylors and dress shoes to wear everyday to a business-casual office. I want to be able to wear them with slacks and a shirt not tucked in. Do you have any ideas?

HK: Yes! I am so excited to receive a men's fashion question!

This situation is very common and I know that lots of men only have athletic shoes or dress shoes in their closet. It's important to have something in-between that you can wear out to dinner or to a semi-casual office setting. You can dress them up with khakis or dress them down with jeans.

I suggest finding a pair of casual brown leather slip-ons or lace-ups with rubber soles. These casual leather shoes are a cross between athletic shoes and business shoes because the leather gives them a dressier look and the supportive structure gives them an athletic feel. These types of shoes are extremely comfortable for everyday use and look much better with wool or cotton pants than sneakers.

Good brands to check out for options are Merrell and Cole Haan, but there are a ton of options out there that are similar. Lots of hiking and athletic shoe brands are making these styles now to offer men more options between suits and jeans.
{Born Peter Penny Loafer}

A soft-soled penny loafer or driver might also be a good option.

{Merrell Sterling}

These two-tone leather and suede lace-ups have amazing support, but also can also be worn with dressier styles.

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Anonymous said...

I love trekking shoes from Merrel. Didn't know they also have casual shoes like this one. Love it!