Friday, October 30, 2009

velvet for fall

The only trend that I picked on my new trends for fall and winter fashion 2009 that I was a little unsure about was velvet. I actually had some readers of my blog say "Velvet!? That is so random! Why would you think that!?"

But what have we here? Who What Wear Daily is reporting that stars and models are wearing soft luxurious velvet! The trick with velvet is not to go overboard...we're not talking about floor-length long-sleeve goth dresses, we're talking about a richly colored textured fabric that can be layered with leather and satin or worn as a separate for a romantic and dressy look. While the rest of the looks this season are slouchy and boyfriend-inspired, velvet looks are fitted,voluminous, and feminine.

My favorite aspect of velvet is the richness of the pick deep purples, forest greens, and royal blues. I would love a shrunken 3/4 sleeve blazer or rich black leggings in velvet. I will report back when I find some great picks!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

i need a leather jacket

I never really thought of myself as the leather jacket type...but I changed my mind...I definitely am! I was never interested in the traditional long heavy straight-cut leather jackets, but I love the new unique styles that fit a younger look.

Leather jackets are everywhere this season and I am loving all of the options: 3/4 sleeves, big collars, asymmetrical zippers, embroidered patterns, zip cuffs, metal grommets, unique colors like gray and red, collarless, open front, everything you can imagine! Leather pieces are such an investment that you really need to try on as many as you can to find the style that fits your wardrobe and your body best.

Right now I have a gray stand-up collar faux leather that is cropped with elbow-length sleeves, but I am thinking that it is getting a little bit impractical as the weather cools down. I need to find a new one...

British motorcycle jacket designer Belstaff has created an exclusive collection with J.Crew this Fall. I have my eye on the short women's leather bomber (pictured above). This is such a great cut for younger women with the waist-length and snug shoulders. Love it.

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denim leggings

I think some people refer to these as "jeggings" (like jeans + leggings)...but I used that term yesterday and was laughed at. So I will just call them denim leggings. Even though "jeggings" still sounds kind of cute...

I have been a little indecisive about my take on denim leggings, but I finally got a pair and I have to admit that I love them. I am so tired of the plain black leggings that I have been accumulating in every variation imaginable, so the denim is a fun new development. I love super skinny denim, so why not just wear denim leggings instead? They serve a similar purpose and they are a million times more comfortable. They go with everything and the best part is that I can wear them with oversized black sweaters and not feel like I'm dressed in black from head to toe.

I have the
Hue Denim Leggings in Navy for $28. If you want to find your own, I recommend ankle length and matte finish with a thick fabric.

And remember my number one rule for wearing leggings: always wear a top that covers your backside!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

melissa on sale on ideeli

If you still haven't gotten yourself a pair of Melissa environmentally-friendly and comfortable shoes, check out the flash sale on Ideeli that starts Tuesday, October 7 (tomorrow) at 11am. Usually the shoes sell out really quickly, so I would order them as soon as possible!

Oh I hope they have some of those high-heeled 3-strap platform Mary Janes that I've been eyeing since the summer...

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pendleton meets opening ceremony

Since I'm from Oregon, every winter I've added a thick woolen Pendleton blanket with bright native-american patterns to my bed. My favorite one is neon pink with a geometric pattern in saturated purple, black, yellow, and blue. The heavy blankets are amazingly warm and my family has an entire collection of them.

This Fall Pendleton is celebrating their 100th year with the collaboration Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony. As someone who grew up with the Pendleton brand, it's exciting to see that they have expanded into the fashion world. I'm happy that they chose international fashion forward boutique Opening Ceremony to design and sell this collection. The coats, pants, shirts, skirts, and even a onesie use the traditional recognizable Pendleton fabric in modern Opening Ceremony style designs. I love the saturated color and the distinct Pacific Northwest vibe in the Pendleton clothing. You can shop the collection online at the Opening Ceremony website.

For those of you who aren't too excited about the vibrant colors and patterns, Pendleton also has clothing made from their Pacific Northwest looms in many other traditional styles online.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

jimmy choo and h&m save the date


Mark your calendars!

The Jimmy Choo and H&M designer collaboration collection that includes men's and women's clothes, shoes, and accessories will be hitting stores on November 14. I am way behind on my news it seems because it seems that the date was set awhile ago...that's what happens when you leave NY!

Check out a slideshow of the collection from NY Magazine. The collaboration has lots of metal studs, black leather, rhinestones, suede, and zebra print. If you are looking for an outfit to wear for a night out, this is definitely going to be an easy way to put together a complete ensemble from head to toe. My favorite pieces are definitely the shoes, with fun thick embellished ankle-strap sandals. The prices are unfortunately much higher than I am used to at H&M: strappy sandals $129, zebra print clutch for $129, open-toe suede ankle booties $149.

Regardless, I'm sure everything will sell out in the first couple see you at H&M on November 14.

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alexander mcqueen & puma

While I'm on the topic of Alexander McQueen as an artist, I just watched a short film for the collection of men's and women's athletic clothing and shoes for Puma...amazing! It was created by movie director Saam Farahmond and is called Ghost. You can watch the video and see the collection online.

{women's nylon bomber}

{SS griffin print}

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

alexander mcqueen is an artist

If you have ever doubted that fashion is an art form, please take a moment to watch the most recent Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show online.

McQueen's shows are always masterpieces that combine many different elements to convey his concept for his collection. He uses video, music, the runway, makeup, hair, shoes, models, and accessories in a unique and creative way to support the ideas behind his pieces.

McQueen's most recent runway show at NY Fashion Week was streamed live on the internet in an attempt to break some of the barriers between the exclusivity of being "inside the tents" and the general fashion-loving population. I am always supporting ideas that give more interested individuals access to high fashion. It seems to me that the idea of fashion as a respected form of artistic expression has been overpowered by the idea of fashion as just wearable clothes and over-consumption. Fashion is not just about women who are addicted to spending tons of money to stuff their overflowing closets with more merchandise. Fashion is about personal and creative expression. I am always striving to spread more awareness about the importance of fashion as an art form.

True fashion designers are artists who use their creativity to develop concepts and abstract ideas that don't relate directly to the clothes that we wear on our bodies everyday. Designers and retailers are inspired by these collections and runway displays to eventually create pieces that can be worn by the general public. It may seem a long stretch between the drama and high fashion of an Alexander McQueen runway show and a simple outfit that you purchase at a mainstream retailer, but it is all part of the world of fashion.

And I love it!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

daniblack on gilt fuse

Gilt Groupe's lower priced spin-off Gilt Fuse has been around for maybe a month or two now, but so far I haven't been too super excited about their offerings. But today was different!

Gilt Fuse is featuring a sale on Daniblack shoes! Daniblack is one of my new favorite shoe designers from husband and wife team Danny and Barbara Schwartz. I am always eyeing all of their soft color suedes in flats and round-toed pumps.

Visit Gilt Fuse today to see the selection available until 10/19 at 9am. Price start at $ affordable!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hot ankle booties at topshop

If I still lived in NY I would definitely be at Topshop right now trying on all of their awesome ankle booties. Of course these don't look like the most comfortable shoes in the world, but killer heels are such a great way to add some excitement to your Fall blacks and greys. Sometimes I spend forever trying to concoct an outfit that makes me feel dressed up enough to go out...these will definitely fast forward your outfit to evening-ready!

I love the velvety colors and the over-embellishment with over-the-top studs, zippers, straps, lacing, and platforms! I do appreciate when a designer pushes their concept as far as skimping here...

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style & fashion advice on hello kelli

I love giving style & fashion advice!

I have a ridiculous amount of knowledge (some may call it useless...I call it fabulous!) logged away in my brain about styling, clothes, and accessories that I love to share. I am always getting questions from friends and family about what to wear to certain events, where to get certain pieces, how to style certain items they just bought, and anything else related to fashion.

I want to invite my readers to ask me questions so I can start writing more posts about general style & fashion inquiries that could be useful to lots of people. You can post questions on my new Facebook page or email me directly at

I hope to here from you soon!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

frank lloyd wright and the ayn rand cottage

{Image: LA Times}

For all of the other architects out many times have you been asked, "Have you read The Fountainhead??" I have heard it many many times. So eventually I actually did read it.

After reading The Fountainhead I always wondered if Ayn Rand had an actual interest in architecture, or if she just used architecture as a mode for expressing her objectivist theories. I felt that she could have substituted a lot of other professions in for architecture and still been able to create a character that demonstrated her ideas about objectivism. A recent article in the LA Times gave me my answer...

When Frank Lloyd Wright designed a cottage for Ayn Rand

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hello kelli on facebook

I just started a Facebook account for Hello Kelli so you can see when I put up new posts and I can link to other sites and events that I'm interested in.

Become a Fan of Hello Kelli on Facebook!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

grey suede boots

I need a pair of grey suede boots for Fall! I love that they bring lightness to an outfit with lots of cold weather black and the grey fits with the softness of the suede material. The grey suede is a great pairing with all of the opaque and shiny black that is popular with the rocker look.

Here are some options from daniblack:

{daniblack Emmy Pumps in Black Leather/Grey Suede}

These aren't boots, but they show the way that black, grey suede, and metal work so well together. I just love these little spectator pumps!

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nau eco-friendly & fashionable outerwear

I wanted to mention one of my new favorite hometown designers: the eco-friendly performance designer Nau. I've been hearing about them for a few years since they are based in Portland, but now I am excited to find that they are successfully expanding to offer their designs in other areas of the country as well. Nau outerwear for men and women is now being sold at Epaulet in Brooklyn!

Nau is a small company that values sustainability, beauty, and performance. The trend towards incorporating sustainable practices and eco-friendly products into designs is such a great one. I am supportive of all companies who take that extra step to put a high value on environmentalism. The Nau website is full of interesting information about the environmentally-conscious decisions that are made for every step of production for each product.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, I understand that you really just need to have some functional high performance outwear in your closet. Cashmere coats look great, but it's a lot more practical to have some pieces that keep you warm and dry. I love that designers are creating beautiful pieces that function as well as your ski coat, but still look unique and fashionable. Yes, my closet is full of North Face coats, but I'm tired of my same old black Gortex.

Fashionable high performance clothing fits directly with my concept of great design being applied to all areas of our lives. A ski coat doesn't need to look like a ski should look like a beautiful coat that finds its place in your wardrobe with the rest of your fashionable clothing. Nau has an entire collection of performance wear for men and women that includes baselayers to handbags to dresses, but I am most intrigued by their outerwear.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

giveaways on splendicity

I am currently hosting two Giveaways on Splendicity that I wanted to share with you...follow the links to the articles on Splendicity to find out more about the prizes.

  • Giveaway: Skin Products with Vitamin C - Five winners will receive either 3 Steps to Beautiful Skin Sample Set or Advanced Eye Area Therapy from fabulous skin care brand Perricone MD. You can enter by leaving a comment on the post on Splendicity saying which prize you would like to win.
  • Giveaway: Bambako Designer Headband - One winner will receive one of Abigail Ricarte's unique headband designs from her Bambako line. To enter this contest, also leave a comment on the post on Splendicity saying which headband you would like to win.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

lna zipper leggings

I have been addicted to LnA t-shirts since I first discovered them about a year ago. The deep V-necks are the perfect fabric and fit and I buy them everytime I see them on sale! They might seem a little expensive for tees, but you can usually find them on for a seriously discounted price...

My LnA pick for this fall are the adorable zipper leggings. The full-length zipper leggings are the perfect 2009 update to the leggings that we have been seeing for the last few years. Simple black capri leggings are out (although you will catch me in them on the weekends!) and full-length in unique fabrics and styles are in. I would pick a dark color and pair it with a slouchy sweater and ankle booties.

My friend Julia over at Fashion Pulse Daily is currently hosting a Giveaway for a pair of LnA zipper leggings! So if you love them as much as I do, you might as well enter to try to snag yourself a free pair...

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lots of blogging

Sorry for the extreme break in posts lately...I have been super busy blogging for other sites!

Here are some of my articles from Splendicity to substitute for Hello Kelli posts this week:

I will be back to personal fashion soon. Let's be excited that Fall is here and we can finally start unpacking our boots and sweaters!

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