Thursday, August 19, 2010

skinny cargos...i actually love them


Leighton Meester is wearing them on the set of Gossip Girl and all of your favorite jeans designers are carrying them in their Fall collections, but are skinny cargo pants actually cute??

I have to admit that it took me about a year to try this skinny version of what Abercrombie survived on back in the mid '90s. The idea of dressing up cargo pants and pairing them with heels just sounded too ridiculous to me...but now here I am and I find myself actually loving my new pair!

I snagged my own pair of
Sanctuary "Peace" Skinny Leg Cargo Pants at the Nordstrom sale in Herb (Army Green), but they still have them available (at full price...sorry I didn't tell you earlier...I just wasn't sure how I felt about them). If you're not willing to drop $250 on some trendy cargos that might go out of style by next year, I would definitely recommend these at only $118. Here's why I am loving them them:
  • military green is one of my favorite colors for everything...such an under-appreciated neutral
  • more comfortable than skinny jeans
  • more flattering than flared baggy cargos
  • surprisingly do look cute with heeled booties! (although I wear them with flats)
  • the pockets don't actually add bulk...they actually are flattering because they break up the skinniness (if that makes sense)
My Sanctuary cargos are pictured above and I actually am obsessed with the gray lace-up military boots that are also pictured (another exciting Nordstrom Anniversary Sale find!)...but we'll talk about those another day...if you are interested, they are Charles David "Regiment" Boots, now available at full price.

{j brand "houlihan"}

I like all of the seams and zippers on these...embellishments break up the skinniness! I wouldn't wear them with clogs, though...too much "Fall Trends 101"...well, maybe you can pull it off with the right styling...

{current/elliott slouchy skinny cargo}

These look pretty darn comfy and would have been perfect for summer...

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little lori said...

I can't tell if I actually think these cargo pants are cute, or if I'm just falling for the marketing ploy of using real short people make their pants look good. It is definitely a concern that these kind of pants would not look good on short people!

hello.kelli said...

Oh those look really cute! Are they Petites? Maybe I will go try them on and give a real report!