Friday, October 30, 2009

velvet for fall

The only trend that I picked on my new trends for fall and winter fashion 2009 that I was a little unsure about was velvet. I actually had some readers of my blog say "Velvet!? That is so random! Why would you think that!?"

But what have we here? Who What Wear Daily is reporting that stars and models are wearing soft luxurious velvet! The trick with velvet is not to go overboard...we're not talking about floor-length long-sleeve goth dresses, we're talking about a richly colored textured fabric that can be layered with leather and satin or worn as a separate for a romantic and dressy look. While the rest of the looks this season are slouchy and boyfriend-inspired, velvet looks are fitted,voluminous, and feminine.

My favorite aspect of velvet is the richness of the pick deep purples, forest greens, and royal blues. I would love a shrunken 3/4 sleeve blazer or rich black leggings in velvet. I will report back when I find some great picks!

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