Friday, May 8, 2009

spring cleaning fashion tips: women

I've gotten a lot of responses from guy friends and readers' boyfriends about my spring cleaning fashion tips: men post. The bad news is that most guys violate lots of those rules, but the good news is that most girls completely agree with me! So if you agree with my tips, please pass along the post to your's probably better for me to break the news to them about their lack of style than you!

Here is the counterpart for women...again, I will focus on casual wear and again, I am inspired by unfortunate people watching airport experiences:

  • DON'T wear pajama pants in public (even if you're flying a red eye!)
  • DO wear yoga pants
  • DON'T worry about mixing black, brown, navy
  • DO mix it up with pants, tights, shoes whatever...just make sure it looks good!
  • DON'T worry about the white after Easter rule
  • DO wear white whenever it seems appropriate...if you live in a warm climate, I would wear it year-round
  • DON'T wear short shirts (above the belt)
  • DO wear long shirts (covering the pockets)
  • DON'T show skin on the top and the bottom
  • DO wear sleeves with shorts or a mini skirt, or pants or capris with a tank top
  • DON'T wear a short shirt with leggings
  • DO wear a tunic-style shirt with matter how skinny you are, no one wants to see your backside in leggings!
  • DON'T mix seasons (put away your wool and boots in April)
  • DO switch out your wardrobes when the seasons change
  • DON'T be afraid to try new can pull it off!
  • DO buy extremely trendy "disposable fashion" pieces at super discount retailers like Forever21, Zara, H&M
  • DON'T be afraid to stop someone on the street and ask them about their outfit if you like it
  • DO learn about new stores and brands by talking to strangers!
  • DON'T show tons of cleavage
  • DO (if you want to show skin) show tons of leg
  • DON'T wear flared jeans
  • DO wear straight leg or skinny jeans
  • DON'T do too much shopping online
  • DO get out to stores and try things on before you's good to know what size you wear at different stores before you start buying online
  • DON'T be matchy-matchy
  • DO mix fabrics, patterns, colors, styles
  • DON'T get too tan
  • DO protect your skin from sun damage...pale is in! (think ScarJo)
  • DON'T forget to accessorize
  • DO match simple outfits with new's a good way to change up the same old outfits without spending a lot
  • DON'T wear Uggs or Crocs as regular shoes
  • DO wear Uggs or Crocs only for practical purposes (i.e. snow and rain)!
  • DON'T wear clothes that are too big or too small, too baggy or too tight, too long or too short
  • DO spend time trying on different brands and sizes to get clothes that fit!!
The last tip is the one I am really serious really makes a huge difference in your appearance if you just take the time to find clothes that fit your body really well. Everyone' s body is different and every brand is designed for different body types, so get out there and try tons of things on until you find what fits you! I promise it will be worth it.

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ko0ty said...

What's wrong with flared jeans? =( I love wearing flares from time to time because I have a really curvy body and it balances me out. I do hate the REALLY flared jeans though.

Shopping online is dangerous! That's how you TOTALLY overspend. It's too easy when you have access to everything from your bedroom.

hello.kelli said...

I totally understand about flared jeans...they are definitely very flattering. Don't throw them out! I have to admit that I can be caught in a pair on the weekends sometimes... :)

Yes beware of online shopping...not very recession-friendly!