Friday, March 13, 2009

spring shoe trend rocker bootie

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The hot shoe for spring 2009 is a versatile and inventive new style that is so unique that I struggle to grasp what type of shoe it is…a boot or a sandal…or something else entirely? I would call it a combination of a cut-out ankle bootie, a super strappy sandal, and an open-toed platform.

I absolutely love the 80’s rocker style that it exudes with tough black leather and details of metal buckles and grommets. These shoes should be worn with confidence and paired with skin-tight colored jeans or patterned leggings. I would also love to see the contrast of pairing these with a polished party dress and colored tights.

So far I’ve just seen these in stores, but as soon as the weather warms up I can’t wait to see them on the streets to see what outfit combinations fashionistas come up with. I think I will call this style the “rocker bootie.”

Sweet Life by Dolce Vita - Image: Urban Outfitters

Image: Urban Outfitters

Dolce Vita Sweet Life - $128 at Urban Outfitters

I like the intensely fat heel with the cut-out leather contrasting with the delicate lace-up detail. It might be difficult to walk in these 5” heels, but you would definitely look fierce.

Lace-Up Slingback Wedges - Image: Saks Fifth Avenue

Image: Saks Fifth Avenue

Opening Ceremony Lace-Up Slingback Wedges - $450 at Saks Fifth Avenue

I included these as a “splurge” pick to illustrate the sophisticated side of the rocker bootie with rich leather and minimal cutouts. These also exemplify the mixture of shoe styles with a slingback, open-toe, wedge, and lace-up bootie combined.

Image: Free People

Image: Free People

Dolce Vita Hamilton Tall Buckle Wedge - $248 at Free People

These are my absolute favorite! I am a huge fan of leg warmers, so I love the idea of a buckled leather leg warmer over an open-toed fat platform heel. The detailing in the different sized buckles and straps are amazing. I think this fat heel is also going to be making an appearance on other fashionable shoe styles this spring.

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Jordana said...

Great minds! You're right, there isn't an obvious name yet for this style. I mean they are kind of a hybrid of gladiator sandal-boots, some even remind me of wrestler shoes. Rocker bootie is broad enough to cover all of them, but I'll let you know if I storm up something else.