Sunday, November 22, 2009

knits with a little bit of sequins

{trina turk micah sweater at Revolve Clothing}

Winter sequins is my favorite look for the holidays!

Sequins used to always be associated with formal occasions, but now I love all of the styles that mix dressy with casual. You can choose all-over sequins like a flashy mini, but my favorites are the pieces that just have an accent of shimmer on a shoulder or a hemline of a soft sweater. I like the contrast in textures of the soft knit and the hard metallic sequins.

{MK2K sequin jersey at Revolve Clothing}

A black sweater with silver sequins can be worn with ripped skinny jeans and Jack Purcells for a casual look or with a satin pencil skirt, opaque tights, and platform heels for a dressy look.

And does anyone else love seeing Fo from America's Next Top Model in the Revolve clothing ads?

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