Sunday, February 22, 2009

vivienne tam and bloggers

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

As a new fashion blogger it feels great to be appreciated.

Vivienne Tam is one of the most influential designers who has made a strong statement about the importance of fashion bloggers in the fashion community. The Vivienne Tam show at NY Fashion Week (which just wrapped up so I have a lot of runway shows to watch online) featured a bloggers computer lounge to offer bloggers an instant connection between the runway and the readers outside the tents. I hope that more designers start incorporating similar ideas to utilize the web to expand the world of fashion.

Here are some interviews with fashion bloggers at the Vivienne Tam show, which included my favorite fashion blogger Julia from Fashion Pulse Daily.

I love the concept that fashion and design should be equally accessible to everyone, which is why the designer collections pairings with budget retailers have been such a great innovation over the past few years. Tam has paired with HP to create a tiny and beautiful clutch-sized HP Mini that I must have!

Thank you Vivienne and I hope to see you at Fashion Week in the Fall....

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