Monday, September 21, 2009

a lucky girl in gaultier

When I started Hello Kelli I was committed to only posting about items that were less than $100 because my entire concept for blogging was to take ideas from the red carpet to the general public. I wanted to share fashion ideas that many of us could actually afford so we could feel that great design was accessible to everyone. I wanted to find primarily discounted merchandise and pieces from affordable retailers with price points that were within the financial reach of young females adjusting to life after college.

{Jean Paul Gaultier dress and Jimmy Choo pumps}

Recently I have taken a greater interest in studying designers and runway shows and I would like to start sharing more images and ideas from these experiences. The fabulous designers who exhibit collections during various Fashion Weeks are meant to be seen by everyone...but not meant to be owned by everyone. I want to share their ideas because I believe that these designers have the creativity and the knowledge to innovate in the fashion industry. These ideas are meant to inspire!

Critics put down the fashion industry because of the wealth and opulence, but there is beautiful art to be appreciated within this realm.
Fashion is about art and expression and sometimes you have to see what the best are doing to figure out where you fit in. Use the ideas that are out there and make them your own.

This all started because I had the opportunity to try on a gorgeous Jean Paul Gaultier dress that was on the runway for Fall 2009. The piece was stunning. The color was the deepest royal blue and the dress was thick and heavy and hugged the body perfectly. It had rounded padding around the pockets at the hips to create a unique and feminine silhouette in a way that I had never seen before and could never have even imagined. No picture could really do it justice.

Superstar designers are inspiring. These are the geniuses who create pieces of wearable art. This is who young and retail designers look to when they are creating new designs for the next season. I'm going to take advantage of the opportunities that I have to experience designer pieces in reality and understand how prices play a part in the world of fashion.

I will share with you my journey...

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