Sunday, April 5, 2009

melissa plastic dreams shoes

Melissa Night Flat Rubber Black $79

Today I finally tried on my first pair of Melissa Plastic Dreams shoes at Epaulet on Smith St. in Brooklyn. I've been fascinated by these shoes for over a year, but since they aren't available to order from the Melissa Plastic Dreams website, I eventually gave up on finding them. But today I spotted nearly the entire spring line in a storefront and was excited to experience these plastic wonders firsthand. They really are adorable and comfortable!
Melissa Zig Zag Campana Flat $59

My interests in sustainable architecture have bled into my fashion interests, so that now I am putting effort into discovering designers with environmentally-friendly products. Melissa shoes are made in Brazil from recycled plastic and the production process uses sustainable practices. The shoes are made of a mono-material so they can be easily broken down and recycled. The factories recycle their materials and byproducts so that only .01% of their production process leaves the building as waste. The company also exhibits social responsibility by offering their factory workers above-average wages and benefits, and maintaining partnerships with numerous local non-profit organizations.
Melissa Ultragirl Flat Smoke $69

Melissa Vivienne Westwood Three Straps Red $119

Melissa shoes are made as one single molded piece, which creates a recognizable and intriguing aesthetic. The plastic is soft and changes shape to mold to your foot as you wear the shoes. I love the flats with simple elegant elements like a tiny circular peep toe or an asymmetrical side strap. Melissa has produced collaborations with non-shoe designers like architect Zaha Hadid, Disney, Karim Rashid and have a current collection designed by Vivienne Westwood.

Melissa Vinyl Heel Navy $99

If you are in the market for plastic rain shoes, I highly recommend these over the style-offensive crocs (I didn't even want to mention that name on a fashion blog). But also try these shoes for everyday wear...I think environmentally-friendly, stylish, and comfortable makes quite a winning combination.

Epaulet has an extensive collection of Melissa shoes that can be purchased online. If you have questions about ordering the shoes, feel free to call Adele at Epaulet at 718.522.3800...she is a Melissa shoes expert!

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