Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a detailed u.s. guide to shopping at topshop

Sophie Shoes $125

(If you're not interested in shopping at Topshop, then no need to read this extremely long post...)

I finally made it to the extremely hyped Topshop! I spent hours there examining each item on every floor and I am back here to post a detailed report for all of you who have been anxiously awaiting this arrival from the UK.

I can sum up my experience with one word: exaggeration! Topshop makes even H&M look plain and behind the times. I am talking about a full-fledged return of 80's fashion with 5" platform heels, full body sequins, zany prints, and hardcore neon brights. So if this extremeism is not for you, I wouldn't waste any time trekking to Soho and standing in the long line at the dressing rooms. I would also say that the quality is comparable to H&M and Forever21, but the prices are much higher...so that was quite disappointing.


Surprisingly enough, the jeans were one of my favorite sections at Topshop because the sizes came with different waist
and lengths (30", 32", 34"). For all of you who are sick of getting inches cut off of your designer jeans, Topshop will be great for you! The sizes are basically the same as American, so stick with what your usual waist size is.
Baxter Skinny Jeans in Bleach Stone color for $80

These are
super skinny (almost denim leggings), but with the 1% elasticity they are also super comfortable and I don't have to roll them up at the bottom.


I tried on tons of dresses, but didn't really fall in love with anything. There are lots of body-hugging jersey knit, strapless floral print party, sequins embellishments, and solid vivid hue dresses. My favorite were the cotton T-shirt dresses with graphic designs and sparkly details. The Jonathan Saunders line had some beautiful colorblock dresses. The dresses were again similar to H&M in quality, with no inner lining and low quality construction. The sizing ran a little small, so I would definitely try one size up.

Dress by Jonathan Saunders for Topshop $160

Most of the tops are in a smocked or tunic style, with the intent to be paired with patterned leggings (they have tons of different styles...floral, hearts, lacy, suede, metallic, pleather) or skinny jeans. There are lots of thin plaid blouses, graphic print tanks, and brightly colored solid tunics. Most of the tops have a loose blousey fit, so the sizes don't need to be very specific. Fluoro Ditsy Tunic $50


The accessories are big, bold, and over the top. There are cocktail rings with acrylic bobbles as big as a ping pong ball, headbands with huge feather plumes, necklaces with multiple strands of heavy chains or metal trinkets, and wooden bangles that cover half of your forearm. If you are looking for some extreme accessory accents, this is definitely the place to go. It was definitely fun to try everything on!


I saved the best for last...the shoes! I actually was the most excited about the 3rd floor shoe department. Half of the shoes are extreme platforms that are probably best worn by strippers or models, but the other half are beautiful heels in bright colors and unique designs. Most of the shoes are around $125.

I got a gorgeous pair of bright blue suede cut-out booties that are not available online, but they are pictured above. An important note: the sizes are very tricky. At the store they said that they only carry half sizes, but online it looks like they only carry full sizes. The sizes ran extremely large, so I would recommend going one size down.

Here are my picks for other fabulous shoes:

Samba Peep Toe Shoe
$135 Safara Peep Toe Shoe $110 Sheriff Studded Shoe $125

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