Wednesday, April 15, 2009

spring cleaning fashion tips: men

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I have been spending a lot of time in airports lately and the hours of people watching, which sometimes nearly resulted in fashion-related public outbursts of anger, inspired me to write some fashion Dos and Don'ts for women and men. It's also a good way to remind people to do some spring cleaning...throw out those ugly clothes please!

I just learned a new word today: evergreen. Evergreen topics are ones that last and don't change a classic instead of a fleeting trend. Some of my Dos and Donts relate to current fashion trends that I just personally love (or hate) and some are...evergreen.

Let's start with men since I don't have as much to say about them...and I will focus on casual wear:
  • DON'T wear any sort of hat backwards
  • DO try wearing other types of hats besides the baseball variety
  • DON'T wear pants that are too short
  • DO make sure that your pants break at the tops of your shoes
  • DON'T wear shirts that are stretched out around the neck
  • DO throw out old cotton shirts because they don't hold their shape for very long
  • DON'T wear your shirt tucked in halfway
  • DO tuck it in or don't...make a choice and stick with it
  • DON'T wear Crocs
  • DO wear comfortable flip flops or man sandals
  • DON'T wear jeans made of thin fabric
  • DO invest in real quality denim that has some structure to wear them enough that it's worth it!
  • DON'T spend much time worrying about your hair
  • DO get a good haircut and it will pretty much take care of itself
  • DON'T wear strong colognes or any of those cheap body sprays
  • DO smell clean and fresh like soap and a hint of aftershave
  • DON'T be underdressed
  • DO be overdressed
  • DON'T wear wool suit coats with jeans
  • DO wear a cotton blazer with jeans
  • DON'T think that any tie is a good tie...most ties are hideous
  • DO keep it simple and spend time finding a quality versatile tie
  • DON'T wear the same clothes you've been wearing since high school
  • DO feel comfortable taking some fashion risks

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Jon Treem said...

That's funny. I think a solid 85 percent of your don'ts are things I do on a weekly basis. No wonder.