Wednesday, April 1, 2009

admitting my love for lady gaga

Sometimes there is a singer/actress/celebrity/reality star in pop culture who we just find fascinating for usually no specific or even slightly respectable reason. We follow these people just because the twitter/paparazzi/myspace/People/E! environment has allowed stalking to be socially acceptable and by reading about their social outings we can both rejoice and lament that our life will never be anything like theirs. It's the person who we pick up the tabloid to read because they're on the cover or check superficial as often as possible for a daily update or keep in the back of our minds that we might dress up as them for Halloween (even though it's barely spring). Perhaps I'm alone in this idea, but I feel that pop culture mania has now become a part of our society for people of all ages.

For me that celebrity is Lady Gaga. The 23 year old New York native pop sensation is a singer and performer. She is known for her top-0f-the-charts pop song Just Dance (which I really just can't get enough of), thick platinum blonde bangs, ever-present sunglasses, and bold costumes that usually do not include bottoms (think variations on the leotard). Her style definitely lacks a bit of "class" (Tim Gunn would wholeheartedly disapprove), but for some reason I respect the originality and confidence that she exudes with her fashion statements.

I am fascinated by the fact that I know that she just got a new bob hairstyle, but yet I don't know if or why she's always wearing a wig. I think she exudes sexuality, but I don't necessarily know if she's attractive. I admire her sense of fashion and style, but I also don't really approve of anything she wears. I have seen a million pictures of her, but I don't actually think I could pick her out in a line-up. Yes...all very fascinating.

So now you can love her or hate her, but at least you know a little more about Lady Gaga and me.

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Joelyne said...

i must agree with you.

there's definitely something about gaga... i dont hate it or love it, but she is so good to look at.

luv ur blog x

hello.kelli said...

thanks Joelyne! Yeah it's hard to explain, but there is just something about her isnt there???
Thanks for reading my blog!