Thursday, May 28, 2009

frank lloyd wright in legos and exhibit

As I am preparing to go to the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the New York Guggenheim "From Within Outward", I also get the exciting news that Lego is creating a new Architecture collection that begins with a Frank Lloyd Wright series. FLW is not my favorite architect of all time, but the idea of creating Falling Water and the Guggenheim with Legos is pretty ridiculous. It doesn't look like the FLW series is available to purchase online yet, but the Lego Guggenheim is available for $40 at the Guggenheim Museum Store.

Also in the Architecture collection is a Landmark series, which includes Lego sets for the Sears Tower, John Hancock Center, Empire State Building, and Seattle Space Needle. The rumor is that they will be releasing more collections by other architects later on...I can't wait to see who they pick next! I would love to see someone try to make a Frank Gehry building out of Legos.

The exhibit "Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward" opened recently and is on view until August 23. It celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the completion of the Guggenheim as his last building, and features 64 of his projects. I'll be checking out the exhibit tomorrow so I will report back, but I'm pretty sure that it will be fantastic.

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