Tuesday, May 26, 2009

united nude elastic bootie

United Nude Fold Elastic Bootie $185

One of my favorite Brooklyn boutiques, Epaulet, is now carrying the United Nude Elastic Bootie in two brightly colored striped variations. I stopped by the store immediately after I found out about them to try them on and they are amazing!

United Nude is a footwear line started by a team of two design superstars: Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and British shoemaker Galahad Clark (founder of Clark's shoes). Together they create unique and fashion-forward shoes that examine the intersection between fashion and design. It is easy to see Rem's architectural influence in the shoe styles with highly conceptual designs, inventive heels, and materials not usually used for footwear (PVC, elastic, hard modeled carbon fiber).

The Fold Elastic Bootie is formed from a single elastic band that wraps around the foot. The vibrant striping on the elastic seems a little outrageous, but it actually looks fabulous on! The elastic creates a snug and comfortable fit. These shoes definitely make a bold and fashionable statement!

Fold Elastic Bootie Bright Mix is available at Epaulet for $185. These shoes are nearly impossible to find in the U.S. so I was so excited to see that Epaulet is carrying them and has a lot in stock!

Here are some other unique United Nude designs:

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