Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the real headbands from gossip girl

I am not embarrassed to admit that currently my favorite show happens to be Gossip Girl. I could say that I just watch it for the fashion, but that isn't even close to being true...but I do absolutely adore the fashion on the show! If you are also a follower of the show, then you will recognize the Jennifer Behr Vintage Gold Knot Headwrap as the headband that Blair wore in the glorious final scene in the Season Finale (if you haven't seen it yet, I will say no more).

I wanted to share a recent article that I wrote about hair accessories designer Jennifer Behr who creates the beautiful and unique pieces that you see Blair wearing on the show. I am a religious enough follower that I actually recognize all of the pieces out from her collection that have been featured on the show:
Where to Find Gossip Girl Headbands.

Now we will have to wait patiently until next season to find out how Blair's fashion and hair accessories choices evolve as an NYU student...

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