Tuesday, February 24, 2009

weekly blog pick

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Now that I have started blogging, I have quickly become addicted to searching for the most amazing fashion and design blogs out there in that great wide blogosphere (I just used "blog" in three different words). I want to share what I am reading to show my support for other sites and to learn what I could do to make Hello Kelli better.

So I've decided that every week I will pick a new blog that I am closely following and share it with you. Usually these will be other fashion blogs, but I will mix it up with some of the other non-fashion blogs that I follow...

This week's pick:

Fashion Pulse Daily

You probably already noticed that it's one of the only sites on my blogroll, so it's only appropriate that I feature it as my first pick. This is one of the first fashion blogs that I started following and the creator Julia has been extremely helpful in responding to my barrage of rookie blogger questions. FPD had amazing coverage of the runways at Fashion Week live from inside the tents, but also features great finds from affordable retailers.

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