Friday, February 6, 2009

sample sale in Noho

first NY sample sale post!

Zachary's Smile sample sale
303 Mulberry St (just north of Houston...behind their retail store)

They call it an "attic sale" but it's actually in a basement...and if there are no dressing rooms, I call it a sample sale. Zachary's Smile is known for selling simple modern style dresses that are sewn out of recycled vintage fabrics so each piece is similar, but unique. They also have an amazing collection of vintage pieces. All dresses at the sale are $20-$25. I just stopped by and if you are in the mood for rummaging, I guarantee there are some great finds! I tried on all of the pieces pictured above and loved them. If I had more time I would have focused on sifting through the assortment of beautiful vintage coats!

The sale is being held every weekend (Thursday - Sunday) in February from 1pm - 8pm. They'll continue putting out new products every weekend (or so they told me). But as all sample sales go, the sooner you go the better!

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1 comment:

Karen said...

i like the green one in the middle -- i expect to see you in that when i come to nyc!