Tuesday, February 24, 2009

unique wedding rings

Wedding Bells rings by Stacie Midori

With the continuing recession and increasing moral concerns surrounding conflict diamonds, it seems that more couples are searching for alternatives to the traditional solitaire engagement ring. I have met many young couples recently who don't really see the necessity of a huge "bling" diamond when there are perfectly beautiful alternative options that don't require 3-4 months salary (hopefully a six figure one for those 2+ karat rocks) or a heavy conscience.

I completely understand the inclination to defy that norm and question the tradition (which I heard was started by an ad campaign that DeBeers created to boost waning diamond sales) that has managed to infiltrate our society and create an obsession with enormous diamonds. Yes, they are beautiful but they are also, for many people, quite financially unrealistic.

There are many options for alternatives to the solitaire diamond wedding ring, but I want to share my pick:
Stacie Midori Designs

Stacie is a creative Californian jewelry designer who focuses on ring design. She creates jewelry pieces with beautiful gems and pure shapes and colors that are inspired by those found in nature. I love everything in her line, but the rings truly stand out as unique and special to me. Here are some of my favorite rings of Stacie's (including the pair pictured above which inspired me to write this post):

This is an 18k gold stacked puzzle ring that she designed for my mom. It is made up of three rings that represent her three children...diamond, pink tourmaline, and aquamarine. I am the diamond of course!

Golden "O" Ring. I love her use of primary shapes.

Diamond on a Vine

Virginia Ring. A gorgeous colored stone paired with small diamonds is a great alternative to the solitaire diamond.

You can contact Stacie Midori Designs through the website to inquire about custom designs.

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Jordana said...

I love those rings!

designer8 said...

I love this line because it is simple yet stated. Gorgeous simple lines and a creative way to express commitment without the traditional ho hum ring. This is great for men as well that are looking for something that can be made for them that is not the standard band. This is very fashion forward and I love it.
I am excited to see all the unique styles available.