Sunday, February 22, 2009

uniqlo designers invitation project

Uniqlo is launching a website for their Designers Invitation Project to share images and bios of the designers who they have selected to do affordable collections.

For Spring 2009:

Steven Alan for women (mid-March)

Opening Ceremony for men (mid-March)

Shipley and Halmos for women (mid-April)
Guilded Age for men (mid-April)

The designers' collections will be available in Japan, the US, and online. I will definitely be checking out the designs at the flagship US store as soon as they launch and I will share my picks so you can snatch them up before they are gone! I am most excited about the womens shirt designs by Steven Alan (pictured above).

I hope that the recession has a positive impact on these designer collaborations and influences more designers to offer pieces at lower price points...

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