Saturday, February 21, 2009

affordable vintage

I just have to mention my successful trip to the attic sale at Zachary's smile today, which has been running every weekend in February yet still managed to have tons of wonderful items. I am going to pick this as my new favorite sample sale! I love the pairing of different vintage fabrics to create unique modern pieces. I came home with a pink cropped silk jacket ($20), 3/4 sleeve khaki jacket ($20), a Christian Dior (supposedly) patterned silk skirt (my favorite find for $10 in a bargain bin!), and a vintage handmade floral print dress ($10).

The sale ends tomorrow, but I will keep you updated on any future specials that they are runnning...I heard a rumor that they were going to do a clearance sale that involved a $20 cover charge to enter and fill a bag with as many items as you can. Sounds amazing!

So many cute jackets...I wanted ten more...the contrasting lining fabrics are unique for each piece...

The Zachary's Smile sample sale will be continuing through the weekend of Feb 28 - March 1! Go check it out!

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