Wednesday, August 11, 2010

anthropologie: winterize your summer looks


Any ad that shows you how to style a piece is so much more successful than an ad that shows a piece on its own.

I love taking my summer dresses into fall and winter by adding layers, cardies, tights, socks, and boots (or if you live in San Francisco, this might just be taking my summer dresses into summer...seriously does it ever get into bare leg season in that city?). Summery colors and prints are a fun way to brighten up your dismal winter wardrobe, so I try to find ways to layer under and over my sleeveless dresses so I can wear them year-round ...

Anthropologie dropped a cute little email in my inbox that showed ways to style one of their simple cotton summer tank dresses for colder temps. I'm not sure if I'm into the coat layered over coat look (winter), but I love the styling of the different styles of boots!

The ankle socks are one of my favorite looks for Fall...




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