Saturday, August 7, 2010

gap pants are back

So I took about a ten year hiatus from shopping at The offense to this mall staple, but I thought of myself as too "edgy and fashion risky" to shop at this plain jane store where I used to stock up on too-short cotton tees in every color of the rainbow and patterned shift dresses in middle school. I had an idea that The Gap was mostly about mom jeans, ribbed tees, and khaki slacks...but I'm happy to report that I was wrong!

Well, to be honest, maybe they have "been back" for a long time and I was just too caught up in department store shopping to give them a chance, but their new ads and capsule shoe collections have me running to the mall asap! Denim-inspired styles and clean pants are in, so the Gap can stick to what they're known for and still be fashionable.

I ended up loving their black slim crop pants. I basically live in skinny black pants at work, so finding an affordable pair was quite exciting ($49.50 full price...I think I can trade in 4 pairs for one pair of theorys...) They also had cute boyfriend jeans and some slouchy cotton trousers than can be rolled up for a boyfriend trousers look.

Now I just need to find out where to get those cute peep toes...

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