Sunday, August 22, 2010

pantone fall colors 2010

What's your favorite fall color?

The Pantone Color Report for Fall 2010 is available for download at the Pantone website:


The color report includes the ten colors that most describe the collections that were debuted at New York Fashion Week in February. As an architect I'm a huge Pantone user, so it's fun to see the fashion world described by this color matching system. The color report gives famous designers an opportunity to display their favorite color pick and describe how they used it.

Since I'm big into the natural earthy tones, I have already been drawn to the Woodbine and Oyster Gray, but I would love to mix some Lipstick Red or Lagoon into my wardrobe!

{image: Pop Deluxe}

Also, how cute are these Pantone coffee mugs that I found online? Pop Deluxe has 29 colors available that you can pick separately or buy in sets of 4 perfectly coordinated colors. They have a fun selection of their basic palette...

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