Friday, July 24, 2009

barney's warehouse sale in san fran

(One of my first reports about my new shopping city: San Francisco!)

Racked just reported that the craziness that is the biannual Barneys Warehouse sale will now be occurring in the lovely city of San Francisco. In past years the sale has only been in New York and Los Angeles, so I'm excited to see that San Francisco is making it's way onto the fashion map.

The dates for the sales are staggered, with SF occurring first, but that doesn't mean that all the good stuff will be snagged before the other sales start...the SF sale will have leftover stuck just from the west coast stores.

Here are the dates for the sales:
San Francisco July 30 - August 9
Los Angeles August 13 - August 23
New York August 20 - Sep 7

Let me know if there are any fabulous finds!

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