Wednesday, July 8, 2009

quick picks for fall 2009

I haven't compiled my final list of my must-haves for Fall 2009, but I have already started keeping my eye out for a few styles. Here is my quick list for Fall list to be published next month.

  • long blazers - I think these will be an update on the 80's version with a slouchy feel, open front, and rolled-up sleeves. The blazers will be menswear-inspired, but will have a long skinny fit and tight shoulders. No shoulder pads please.
  • gray - I love finding beauty in gray. I am interested in gray suede, gray boots, fluffy gray sweaters, gray leather, gray wool hats, gray distressed handbags.
  • detailed booties - Take the idea of the open-toed rocker bootie and gladiator sandals into Fall and you get an intense heeled bootie with unique details.
  • bowler hats - Think of it as this summer's cloche...cute and vintage-inspired.
  • leather jackets - I think the rock 'n roll vibe will continue through the winter, so look for fitted leather jackets with unique designs.
  • velvet - For some reason I just came up with this idea. I want to see the softness and romanticism of velvet explored in new ways. It should be used minimally.
  • chunky jewelry - New and flashy accessories paired with basics will be a good way to create new outfits during a recession.
  • vests - I loved layering them with tanks for summer, but I can see them adapting to Fall for thicker layering in materials like leather and fur (fake I hope!).
I still think the style will be rock 'n roll and vintage-inspired with skinny legs and slouchy tops. Expect larger-than-life accessories and details with fringe, metal studs, and zippers.

Images: Saks Fifth Avenue, Urban Outfitters, Piperlime, Intermix

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