Wednesday, July 8, 2009

leanne marshall collection at bluefly

Leanne Marshall has to be one of my favorite Project Runway contestants for taking Tim Gunn for a bicycle ride in Forest Park in Portland (my hometown hiking spot)!

If you are a fan of Project Runway, then you will remember that one of the fabulous prizes that Heidi Klum recited every week was the "chance to sell your collection on" Well that chance has finally come for last year's winner Leanne Marshall and today her 7-piece collection debuted online.

I have to admit that after her amazing final runway collection that impressed the judges enough to win her the grand prize, I find the collection slightly anti-climactic. The pieces are very simple and dumbed down in solid bold colors of jersey knit fabric. The beautiful aquatic-inspired pleats that she handcrafted on the show now seem contrived when attached to a royal blue jersey knit t-shirt. Where is the ethereal color palette and floating aesthetic that we loved on Project Runway? I also hope that she is handmaking all of these pieces because the price seems pretty darn high if she isn't.

Perhaps I am being too critical...what do you think?

The entire collection is on sale for 20% off to celebrate it's debut at

Leanne Marshall Bamboo Jersey 'Carine' Tunic $98 (reg. $123)

Leanne Marshall 'Jasmine' Cropped Jacket $220 (reg. $276)

Leanne Marshall 'Cora' Swing Dress $248 (reg. $310)

Leanne Marshall 'Sophie' Pleated Tank $110 (reg. $138)

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Paz123 said...

Leanne Marshal is my favorite too. Leanne Marshall's eco-friendly BlueFly collection includes lots of beautiful styles.