Saturday, March 7, 2009

expression through nail color

I have been obsessed with bold nail colors ever since I started regularly painting my nails about three years ago. I am extremely interested in studying colors and the subtle differences between tones (originating from my experience in architecture, playing around with the Pantone color palette for years, and my recent experience in watercolor painting). I see a choice of nail color as a way to express myself and the color with which I am currently most fascinated.

Each season I look forward to browsing through the huge nail color section at Ricky's NYC to find the color to which I am most drawn. I usually return to the store multiple times to ogle the colorful display and read the playful titles on the bottoms of the bottles (Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, Light My Sapphire) before making a decisive choice about my new signature nail color.

For the last six months I have been committed to a nail color that is gray with a hint of lavender. Purple was a big color this winter and I have always been draw to everything gray.

You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI

My pick for nail color this season is brown...not a dark chocolate brown, but a milk chocolate brown with either a purple or scarlet tint or a metallic gold sheen. I would stay away from browns that lean more towards nude so your nails don't appear to be made of flesh.

I'm Fondue Of You by OPI

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GENA said...

i saw your site on nitrolicious,when you commented the MAC nailpolish..i never took nail polish seriously. you covered it great,as if there is an art to nail coloring. This is cool and I def. will be trying these brands!! thanks.

hello.kelli said...

Thanks Gena! Yes as you will see from some of my other posts I am very interested in color studies, so I view nail color in a very serious way!