Friday, March 12, 2010

gaga and beyonce together at last

Finally the much delayed Gaga and Beyonce video Telephone premiered tonight!

You can watch it at E!Online:

Lady Gaga & Beyonce "Telephone"

I'm excited to hear what the world thinks of this melding of the two hottest ladies in pop culture...there are bound to be many lovers and haters because we know these women do nothing but total extremes. Highlights from the video include seeing Gaga's real costumeless body in a black bikini, smoking cigarette sunglasses, a telephone-shaped hairpiece, and Beyonce releasing her seriously psycho Gaga side.

NY Magazine already has an article about "The Ten Best Things About Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Video."


Although I love everything with Gaga and everything Beyonce so the combination is overhwelmingly awesome, I have to admit that I still like the Bad Romance video better. I think it's because of the creepy hand movements, full head-to-toe Alexander McQueen ensemble complete with armadillo shoes, longer choreography segments (I really just want to see more dancing always), and disturbing oversized anime eyes. Perhaps I will do a Ten Best Things About Bad Romance...

I love being one of Gaga's little monsters...

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