Tuesday, March 9, 2010

an end and a new beginning

{no more stalking the internet for new sunglasses trends}

What a strange coincidence....

One week after I submitted my resignation letter to my editor at Splendicity and Blisstree I received a form letter from the CEO of b5media informing me that I had been laid off. I thought it was just a formality related to my resignation, but now I have found that the entire writing staff of Splendicity received the exact same letter. The CEO fired all of the writers, closed Splendicity.com completely, and started a new website with new writers. Wow. Heartless.

Now that I'm no longer obligated to write 2-3 posts daily on specific topics, I find that I have re-gained excitement towards fashion blogging and will be starting to post on Hello Kelli again!

I realize that Hello Kelli floundered a bit after I left New York because I no longer had the access to the fashion forward models prancing in front of my office and the lunch hour trips to Nolita boutiques...but now after living in Northern California for six months I'm adjusting to new ways to fit fashion and shopping into my life. And they are probably much more similar to the way that the rest of the world experiences fashion and shopping!

So Hello Kelli is back because I still have so many thoughts and observations about fashion and shopping that I really must share (not a coincidence that this occurred directly after the Oscars red carpet!). I will continue my focus on affordable shopping mixed with high fashion inspirations and will probably include more "top picks" and personal thoughts than before.
Maybe I will even get a fancy camera and include photos....or re-design my home page...or feature guest blog posts from my former Splendicity sisters...endless possibilities!

I'm excited to start sharing my fashion ideas again! Oh yes...and now I Tweet !

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