Thursday, March 11, 2010

jean paul gaultier for target

Did anyone else check out the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection yet?

I was probably the only person in Menlo Park who was so excited about this capsule collection release that I rushed to the nearest Target in Atherton on opening day. I remember living in New York and rushing to the Flatbush Target only to find that everything had been picked over only hours after the release...not surprisingly Atherton Target did not have any JPG fans knocking down their doors.

The collection was fully stocked, but also fully disappointing (sad face). I'm never really sure what I'm even expecting when I rush to these releases, but just the idea of hanging an item in my closet that had a Jean Paul Gaultier tag on it got me thoroughly excited.

Although I prefer the designer's high-end funky jackets and wool crepe dresses to the colorful Jean Paul Gaultier Fuzzi line, I was secretly hoping that these Target pieces would be affordably priced reproductions of the mesh tanks and dresses that he produces for Fuzzi every year. Come on...none of us really think that anyone should pay $385 for a Fuzzi mesh seems like something we should get for $9.99 at Target! But alas, these secret dreams did not become realities.

The Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection had lots of strange slip dresses in colorful polyester polka dot patterns that just didn't look like they would be flattering to any figure (think a tight lingerie top with a flared skirt...strange). The collection did not seem cohesive at all with a mixture of nautical stripes, Ed Hardy-esque prints, and bright wallpaper-inspired florals. There was a fun mustard yellow nylon halter dress, but I just couldn't figure out where I would ever wear it.

After trying on everything in the collection I did come home with my attempt at the Fuzzi piece that I had been searching for...a colorful tattoo print mesh long sleeve tee that I figure I can layer under a long blazer (it's the one worn under the mustard dress in the photo...a combination I would never suggest).

Liberty of London in 4 days...perhaps I will be more pleased this time...I don't want to drive all the way to Atherton for disappointment!

UPDATE: In response to questions about the tattoo print mesh top, it's $26.99 and only available at Target stores.

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