Sunday, June 14, 2009

finally tracy feith for target

I'm not an enormous Tracy Feith fan, but I was at Target this weekend so I decided to check out what was left of the collection. That's another great thing about living in Portland...the Target doesn't get mobbed on opening day when a much anticipated line is released. There was only one rack of clothing left, but I still managed to snag some cute items.

The collection is dominated by really vivid brightly colored florals in tropical inspired patterns, so if that's not really something that you find in your summer wardrobe then it's probably not really worth it to check it out. I have been pretty disappointed with the designer collections at Target lately, but this is one of my recent favorites.

Tracy Feith is a long blonde-haired Texas-born American surfer dude who designs beach-inspired breezy women's clothing in unique brightly colored fabrics.

Tracy Feith for Target Canvas Print Jacket $44.99
I got this tropical 3/4 sleeve double breasted cropped jacket with buckle details in slightly faded yellows and oranges. I don't wear lots of bright colors, but when I do it's usually with pieces that can be layered like a jacket instead of an entire piece like a dress. I'll wear it over something really simple like cropped jeans and long white tank.

Tracy Feith for Target Embroidered Top in Lollipop Red $24.99
I also got this cap sleeve A-line pullover blouse in a bright orange with cute floral embroidery and lace details. It has a festive feel to it and fits very big and blousy in the middle.

Tracy Feith for Target Strappy Dress in Cobalt Blue $44.99
I thought this dress was cute too, but they didn't have it in my size. The color is very vivid and I like the colored eyelet lace at the trim.

Tracy Feith for Target Stripe Sleeve Cardigan $29.99
I really loved this slouchy surfer cardigan with brightly colored sleeves. It looks great layered over summery beach clothes and unbuttoned (see picture at top of post).

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