Monday, April 5, 2010

pendleton blankets for all

It seems that those brightly colored thick wool Pendleton blankets that kept me warm through those cold and rainy seasons while I was growing up in Portland, Oregon will now be popping up in college dorm rooms around the world.

Pendleton for Urban Outfitters brings you Navajo print towels and blankets

I never would have guessed that the distinctively patterned blankets would be such a hit outside of Oregon, but after the success of the Opening Ceremony collaboration last year Pendleton has now paired with Urban Outfitters to create a lower-priced line of products that includes blankets, wallets, and bath towels. I imagine that the blankets are slightly thinner than the originals, but now that I live in California I like the idea of a summer-weight Pendleton blanket.

I can definitely imagine throwing one of these on my couch for movie watching...

You can find out more about Pendleton Woolen Mills online.

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