Sunday, April 18, 2010

eugenia kim and cynthia vincent for target

{Image: Target}

Designer collaborations featuring Eugenia Kim for hats and Cynthia Vincent for shoes are releasing today at Targets everywhere. Bloggers have been talking about these collections for weeks because of the New York Pop-Up stores and the few Targets who happened to have early releases...but today's the real day when most Targets should start carrying the collections.

Although not a big wearer of hats myself, after writing daily about hats for Splendicity for the last year I developed a love for Eugenia Kim and her stylish designer hats. Hats can easily go either super cheesy or super glamorous so I was excited to discover a go-to hat designer who has reliably classy designs. Eugenia Kim hats are sold at high-end department stores for $300-$400 each, so it's pretty cool that her new Target collection has fedoras and engineer caps for less than $20.
Cynthia Vincent's collection of gladiator wedges, colorful flats, and strappy sandals are also popping up in Targets today. These designer collaborations sometimes sell out super fast and sometimes stay around until the sale racks, so you'll just have to check a Target near you or to see how these collections fair.

I'm headed to the Atherton Target in a couple hours and I guarantee there won't be a big rush...not too many fashion-obsessed in the Peninsula...

{Images: Target}

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