Wednesday, April 14, 2010

designer $1 sale slash network crash

I am beyond curious about how this $1 sale will fair. The idea is simply could an online store that only sells designer clothing sell everything on their site for only $1? So far the only catch is that each person can only buy 1 item. Could this really be the only catch? I feel like I'm on Project Runway waiting for Heidi Klum to come out and tell me that there is "just one more thing"...

It looks like the RSVP list is already closed, so for all of you (including me) who have already signed up, I will see you at the craziness that is the shopping cart where we will all race to purchase whatever we can find within the few seconds when the site has not crashed and there are still items available. Somehow I predict that even if I sign on right away, everything will be gone.

I am so very very curious....

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