Monday, April 5, 2010

how to wear a wrap sweater

A recent episode of Kell on Earth reminded me that I've been wanting to post about versatile wrap sweaters for many months. The DKNY 12 Ways to Wear a Cozy video is beautiful and makes me want 12 different colored cozies, but it didn't actually teach me how to tie a wrap sweater like I was hoping it would...

As shopping budgets continue to decrease, the attraction of versatile clothing has significantly increased. I love clothing that incorporates convertibility into its design, with sleeves that zip off, insides and outsides that can be reversed, pant legs with buttons and loops that allow them to be shortened, and scarves that become belts or hair wraps. Everyday a new convertible clothing item pops up with 1000 ways to wear just one piece...

When I was visiting Portland a few months ago, I found a cute little boutique on NW 23rd St called Sloan Boutique. While picking through the racks of affordably priced printed cotton dresses, fashionable wool jackets, and jersey knit tops, I picked out a long shawl collar open front drapey cotton cardigan that I immediately tried on. I have been very drawn to the long drapey cardies for the last couple years because they are the perfect layer to throw over jeans, leggings, or dresses and the extra-long length of this style was something I didn't already have in my closet...

As soon as I slipped the calf-length cardigan over my shoulders, one of the friendly Sloane saleswomen offered her expertise and began to wrap and tie me in the cardigan in an assortment of different styles. I thought I was fully aware of the versatility of the "drapey cardigan" since it has been a strong wardrobe staple for me for the past two years, but I soon found out that I was missing out on tons of amazing concoctions!

While I am fully aware of the convertibility aspect of some clothing in my wardrobe, I have to admit that this long drapey cardigan has been the first piece that I actually wear frequently in multiple different ways. It's really quite fun to try all of the different variations!
DKNY Cashmere silk long sleeve cozy

So for all of you who don't have the luxury of being skillfully wrapped and tied by a drapey cardigan professional, Sloane Boutique has been kind enough to offer a collection of online how-to-videos that make it easy for everyone to tie, twist, knot, and wrap their drapey sweater in a million different ways. I actually counted 10 variations in just the first demo!

Here they are for you to try:

Sloan sweater wrap demo
Sloan sweater wrap demo part II
Sloan sweater wrap demo part III

I have the extra long variation of the sweater in dark hunter green and my favorite way to wear it is in the cowl neck style with a waist belt over the top. Sloan unfortunately does not have an online store, but you could try visiting their website to contact them if you are interested in ordering the specific wrap from the video (It is much more affordable than the Donna Karan original).

DKNY Cozy jersey wrap cardigan

Donna Karan's classic cozy was the absolute first of the long open drape-front cardigans that we now see everywhere, so if you want the original you can look for one of her gorgeous cashmere or jersey wrap cardigans available at I hope to have many plush Donna Karan cozies in my own closet someday...pretty AND comfy !!

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