Tuesday, September 1, 2009

snood is not just a video game

Last winter it was the cloche...this winter it is the snood. Sometimes I just get obsessed with fashion pieces that have interesting names, historic significance, and an instantly stylish appearance. As the recession continues, accessories layered with clothing basics are going to be hugely in style this winter...

The snood is a gorgeous neck warmer slash hood. It is thick and tubular (like the gators that I used to wear skiing in the 80's) but is long enough to be draped over the head like a hood or scrunched around the neck like a scarf. Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Missoni have produced some wool and cashmere snoods and I expect many designers at high and low price points to follow soon...

You can read more about the Snood on my Splendicity article: Snood Is The Must-Have Accessory For Fall

Did I also mention that I was addicted to playing Snood on the computer in high school? I love that little "bloop" sound when you shoot an alien head out of a cannon.

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hippyhippychic said...

not a fan of the burberry one but the other is pretty.
great blog