Tuesday, August 4, 2009

san francisco...where's your style?

{Image: SF Gate}

I just read an article in SFGate about the different styles in the different neighborhoods of San Francisco. I was extremely sad to see that the overwhelming style was...fleece hoodies!? I hope that some true SF residents can read this article and let me know if it is completely stereotyped or if it is at all close to the truth. Please tell me there is fashion in this big city! We need the Sartorialist to visit SF to find the most stylish people on the streets!

SF Gate: The S.F. look neighborhood by neighborhood

I hope to prove this article wrong and find that there can still be unique and interesting style in a land of gray and cloudy days that goes beyond the functional needs of waterproof windbreakers and layered fleece.

I hope they are at least wearing some Prairie Underground hoodies....

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