Saturday, February 26, 2011

fashion in film: rear window

I was opposed to watching any films made before 1980 until a few months ago when I realized that the classics are chock full of stunning fashion and architecture. Not only can I fill in references that I've been missing my whole life, but now I can understand more about the history of fashion by watching these films. So far the fashion has been so amazing that I can barely even pay attention to the storyline...I just want to pause the movie to zoom in different pieces.

Last weekend I watched Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and am obsessed with everything Grace Kelly wore...even though it was maybe only a total of five outfits (I embarrassingly have to admit that this is my first Grace Kelly movie).

I love the tiny briefcase-inspired handbag (see above) that poufs up with flouncy lingerie when she pops it open, the below-the-knee full skirts that have become completely modern and fashionable again, and the pearl charm bracelet that I would just love to see up close to see what those chunky charms are.

Here's my modern take on Grace Kelly in Rear Window...

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