Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fair isle blouse on gossip girl

Speaking of fair isle popping up everywhere...

On this week's Gossip Girl (am I the only adult who still watches this show?) the always fashion forward (though usually inappropriately under-covered) Serena van der Woodsen was wearing this gorgeous sheer D&G blouse with a delicate snowflake fair isle pattern. If you love it, I just found the blouse on sale at D&G online.

If you can rock the Carrie Bradshaw black bra look under this blouse then that's pretty awesome, but there's also a lot of more real-life ensembles that this could fit into with a black cami underneath. Mostly I've seen the fair isle used with thick knits, so I love the contrast of the traditional cozy sweater pattern with the delicate feminine very D&G.

Unfortunately the accompanying fur bloomers didn't make it on the show.

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