Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fashion trend vocab... descriptive or annoying?

What are your favorite trendy fashion terms that are just way overused but somehow you find yourself still using? Do you love them or hate them??

I even annoy myself when I write a post and use these terms that don't always describe exactly what I want to say, but I know that some designer or blogger has already coined the term and it's gone viral and everyone will know what I'm talking about. If you looked any of these words up in the dictionary the actual definition would have nothing to do with the fashion trend they are currently associated with. And if you looked up the original fashion trend, you might find that it has nothing to do with what it has evolved into. The more the word is used, the more the meaning is stretched and the less descriptive it becomes.

Are those jeans "loose fitting, destroyed, worn in, rolled up, roomy in the thighs, skinny at the ankle, cropped, with an oversized waist"? Or are they just "boyfriend"?

I want to call myself out right now and admit that I really hate these words because they're used too much and become less and less descriptive with each use, but I will continue to use them because we've gotta describe trends somehow, right??

annoying fashion trend vocab:

  • boyfriend
  • slouchy
  • skinny
  • gladiator
  • military
  • boot-cut
  • high-waisted
Boyfriend and slouchy are my big ones...I feel like I use them in every post and read them in every fashion magazine. Will the last couple years be described as boyfriend, slouchy, and skinny??? Maybe I need to be more original...

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