Wednesday, September 8, 2010

discount on ugg boots for fall...and knowing when to wear them

Everyone loves to hate ugg boots, but if you have ever lived anywhere with bitterly cold temps then you have to admit that they are the absolute greatest invention ever! They might not look super fashionable, but they are basically like wearing clouds of softness and warmth on your feet.

Whooga offered me a pair of boots to try out and I chose these fabulously cozy short sheepskins in a lovely shade of grey that I have already been snuggling my feet into on these cool Northern Cali nights. If you're a little tired of the "UGG Australia brand" and want to find a more budget-friendly option for warming your winter feet, Whooga let me know that they are a real Australian company who uses real Australian merino fleece for creating authentic ugg style boots in the traditional design. You can read more about the superior ability of their sheepskin on their website...

Even though I'm one of those who have loudly proclaimed myself as an ugg-hater in the past, after living in New York for four years I'm willing to admit right here that yes, I do wear uggs. If you live in a city with a winter season and you don't own a pair of uggs then you are seriously crazy!

The secret to staying fashionable and enjoying the ridiculous comfort of uggs is knowing when to wear them and when not to. Use them in the way that they are treat your to feet to warmth and comfort!

Tips for wearing your uggs:
Wear them on your commute
, but put your beautiful uncomfortable heels on when you get to work. Wear them with your sweats and your fleece hoody for walking the dog, picking up your take-out, hanging around the house, or heading home from a workout.

Whooga is nice enough to offer a special discount of 10% off to all Hello Kelli readers! Use the discount code 325KELL when you make your purchase will be available for the next two weeks.

Thanks Whooga!

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