Friday, January 30, 2009

crumb catcher

french connection mini $129.99 (orig. $218)

I found this beautiful crumb catcher mini dress in a merlot color at french connection today. Holiday party season is over, but maybe it could be a valentine's day dress...or any other occasion that requires a flirty party dress.

I love the crumb catcher style. First of all, it's called a crumb ca
tcher, which summons imagery of an elegant young woman making a mess of herself while eating crumbly cookies and muffins in a fancy party dress. Second of all, the well-placed pleats at the top solve the "spillage" issues that oftentimes occur at the top area of a strapless dress, which creates a beautiful neckline instead of an embarrassing bulge. This "spillage" is the reason why I think most women openly state "I dont do strapless." Well perhaps you thought you don't, but with the crumb catcher maybe you do.

The crumb catcher style was extremely popular i
n wedding gowns in 2008.

Platinum for Priscilla of Boston
Carolina Herrerathe always lovely Vera
(images from New York Magazine and InStyle )

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